Clarion Vox Array

The Clarion Vox Array deployed as the primary mobile battlefield Vox system by the regiments of the Tempestus Scions

The Clarion Vox Array is the primary mobile Vox system deployed by the Militarum Tempestus among the special operations troops known as Tempestus Scions. The cumbersome Vox arrays of the Astra Militarum are often known as "ghost boxes" -- for with the white noise and interference patterns of battle raging all around it is difficult to coax more than a whisper from their speakers. Not so the Clarion Vox Array of the Militarum Tempestus, a triumph of audio-military hardware that overrides its designated airwaves with the crystal clear and perfectly enunciated commands of the Tempestors leading each detachment of Scions.


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