A Chronometron is an arcane eye-shaped device that manipulates time in a way that only the Necrons and their technological mastery over space-time can achieve. The bearer of a Chronometron can activate the device to allow him and his unit to exist slightly outside and act out of phase with the natural flow of the space-time continuum. This means that they are able to advance normally whilst their opponents move in apparent slow motion, as well as slowing incoming projectiles such that those nearby can simply move out of the path.

A Chronometron also allows the bearer to make minor, but sometimes potent, alterations to his destiny; by allowing him to glimpse possible futures and modify his recent actions accordingly. Any Necron seen utilising a Chronometron appears blurred, its movements sudden and spasmodic like a primitive pict-reel or degraded hololith to the subjective observer. Due to the Chronometron's confounding nature, they are only ever found being used by Necron Cryptek Chronomancers, although Necron Lords and Overlords have been known to wield these mysterious devices as well.


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