Chondax System

A map of the Chondax System dating back to the time of the Great Crusade in the early 31st Millennium

The Chondax System is a trinary star system of the Milky Way Galaxy that was comprised of six worlds -- Epihelikon, Teras, Chondax, Honderal, Laerteax and Phemus IV, the furthest of the outlying planets.

In the days after the Ullanor Crusade, the remnants of the Ork Empire once based on Ullanor Prime and ruled by the Overlord Urlakk Urruk fled to the Chondax System and made a new base on the Dead World of Chondax, officially designated Chondax Primus EX5, 776 NC-X-S by Imperial cartographers of the Great Crusade era in the late 30th Millennium.

Brotherhood of the Storm.jpg
The Primarch of the White Scars Legion, Jaghatai Khan, hunts down the Orks infesting the "White World" of Chondax during the Chondax Campaign.

Shortly after the Triumph of Ullanor in 000.M30, the Primarch Jaghatai Khan and his White Scars Legion were next sent to the worlds of the triple Chondax System to clean up the remnants of the Ullanor Orks who had fled there and were now using it as a base to raid other Imperial worlds.

Chondax proved to be the crucible of the whole campaign, the nexus of those Greenskin forces that had chosen to go to ground in the star system after their defeat on Ullanor Prime.

The brutal Chondax Campaign lasted six long Terran years as the White Scars hunted the remaining Greenskin forces to extinction on Chondax and across the length and breadth of the trinary system, ending the conflict in early 007.M31.


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