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Chondax was a barren Dead World with a breathable atmosphere that was located in the trinary Chondax System of six planets, officially designated Chondax Primus EX5, 776 NC-X-S by Imperial cartographers of the Great Crusade era in the late 30th Millennium.

It was better known as the "White World" by the White Scars Astartes who deployed there because of the colour of the arid salt pans that made up much of the terrain. The salt-encrusted earth of Chondax slowly absorbed all moisture on the surface, leaving the world largely barren, though the terrain reminded some of the White Scars of their own Legion homeworld of Chogoris.


Shortly after the Triumph of Ullanor, the Primarch Jhagatai Khan and his V Legion were next sent to the worlds of the trinary Chondax System. The White World was the crucible of the whole campaign, the nexus of those Greenskin forces that had chosen to go to ground in the star system after their defeat on Ullanor Prime.

The Great Khan was ordered by the newly-promoted Warmaster Horus to hunt the remnants of the Ork Empire destroyed during the Ullanor Crusade, the last slivers of the Overlord Urlakk Urruk's Greenskins. The brutal campaign lasted six long Terran years from the end of 000.M30 to 007.M31 as the White Scars hunted the remaining Greenskin forces to extinction on Chondax and across the length and breadth of the trinary system.


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