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The Daemon Prince Cherubael trapped within the body of a daemonhost

Cherubael, or the Cherub of Bael, was a daemonhost of immense power. Cherubael was formerly in the service of the infamous Heretic Quixos, a Renegade Inquisitor slain by Gregor Eisenhorn. Although Eisenhorn, as an Inquisitor himself, despised Cherubael at first, he began to find a need for the daemonhost's extraordinary power which led to Eisenhorn's slide into Radicalism. Cherubael is currently bound within Godwyn Fischig, a close friend and ally of Eisenhorn's.


Cherubael was once a Daemon Prince on the Feral World of Clanar II, where he dominated the primitive locals who came to worship him as a god. The Inquisitor Quixos defeated Cherubael and enslaved him in the body of one of the warriors of Clanar II. Cherubael served Quixos until the Inquisitor's death at the hands of Eisenhorn.

Relationship to Eisenhorn

Cherubael was able to discern the future from the Warp, and saw that Eisenhorn, if allowed, would destroy his physical body and so set Cherubael free. For over a century, from the 240s until the 340s.M41, Cherubael manipulated and protected Eisenhorn so that Eisenhorn would start down the path of Radicalism and set in motion the events that would free Cherubael. Eisenhorn, aided by a Runestaff crafted by Magos Geard Bure of the Adeptus Mechanicus with the diabolic knowledge of Pontius Glaw, finally destroyed Cherubael's host body on the world of Farness Beta and banished him to the Immaterium. Eisenhorn also believed he annihilated another daemonhost known as Prophaniti.

Enslavement to Eisenhorn

Following these events, Eisenhorn re-summoned Cherubael and imprisoned him in a host body in 345.M41, sealing the daemon within a void-vault that he might suffer eternally, caged in flesh and trapped as a punishment for manipulating his master. However, during his conflicts with the heretic Fayde Thuring and his Corrupted Titan, the Cruor Vult, Eisenhorn found himself sorely pressed and summoned Cherubael, whom he had bound into a new host after defeating and banishing it.

Eisenhorn came to rely heavily on Cherubael in the coming years, much to the dismay and anger of his staff and fellow Inquisitors. Notably he utilised the Daemonhost to defeat the Heretic Pontius Glaw, who also utilised a daemonhost of his own, and against the daemonhosts of the Divine Fratery, whom Cherubael seemed to take great pleasure in destroying.

On Sancour, Cherubael later rescued the imprisoned clone of Elizabeth Bequin from Eisenhorn's pupil-turned-enemy, Gideon Ravenor.


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