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Chengrel is a Chaos Lord and Dreadnought of the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion who rules over the worlds of the Mitre Gulf from his Fortress World of Burjan's World. A veteran of the Long War, Chengrel took part in the Siege of the Emperor's Palace during the Horus Heresy. By the late 41st Millennium, his remains were housed in a massive, custom-built, four-legged Dreadnought.


Millennia of battling the Imperium had taken a toll on Chengrel's body, which was heavily augmented by bionics and other mechanical replacements. By the late 41st Millennium, his remains were housed in a massive, custom-built, four-legged Dreadnought. Chengrel is noted to having destroyed the Imperial Hive World of Heggoru, which was under the protection of the Imperial Fists, a Chapter Chengrel truly despised like most of his Iron Warriors brethren.

After acquiring a large number of Eldar Spirit Stones, Chengrel held a great auction among other Chaos Lords to decide who would obtain them. Those interested included Hodir of the Night LordsEmmesh-Aiye of the Emperor's Children, Drachmus of the Word Bearers, and Khrove of the Thousand Sons. The lord who spoke the greatest tale of the destruction he had unleashed upon the Imperium of Man would win the prize, though to Chengrel's disgust it turned out that none of the Chaos Lords gathered were Horus Heresy veterans, original members of the Legio Astartes, or particularly interested in finishing the Long War with the destruction of the Emperor. Rather, they had all been forcibly recruited or conscripted into their Traitor Legions' forces in the ten thousand standard years since the Heresy. Worse still, most of their tales involved fighting other Traitor Legions rather then waging the Long War against the Imperium. Not thinking any of them worthy of the Spirit Stones, Chengrel flew into a rage and attacked his fellow Chaos Lords after a show of disrespect towards him because of his disparaging attitude.

A great free-for-all erupted in Chengrel's fortress that saw many Iron Warriors dead, the death of Emmesh-Aiye, and the deaths or escape of Drachmus and Hodir. Chengrel viciously battled against Khrove in single combat, and yet the Sorcerer managed to deal Chengrel a humiliating defeat and escape Burjan's World with the Spirit Stones. Since then, Chengrel has lost much prestige and many Iron Warriors have left his service while he plots revenge against the Traitor Astartes he is convinced have betrayed him.


  • The Masters, Bidding (Short Story) by Matthew Farrer
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