Hellhound Bane Wolf

An Imperial Guard "Bane Wolf" variant Hellhound tank, with a sponson-mounted Chem Cannon

The Chem Cannon is a virulent weapon utilised by the forces of the Astra Militarum. Specifically, by the "Bane Wolf" variant of the standard Hellhound pattern tank, which has been modified to unleash a noxious cloud of gas so toxic that it dissolves all organic material it comes into contact with, stripping flesh from bone, before rendering even that down into a bubbling pool of rank, festering ooze.

Using such a lethal weapon is not without its risks as should environmental conditions shift on the battlefield, the highly acidic clouds of gas can quickly drift over the Imperial Guard's own troops killing and maiming infantry and even affecting tank crews if their vehicle is not completely sealed against such toxic airborne contaminants. When a Bane Wolf rumbles past therefore, it is up to a regiment's Commissars to ensure that those under their charge do not immediately flee in fear of the horrors their own machines of war can unleash.


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