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"In my hands rests the fate, not solely of my Chapter and my brethren, but of scores of worlds. Hundreds. With but a single command I can save a trillion faithful souls, or condemn them to death, or worse. Those who have not carried such a burden cannot imagine its cost. Yet I could not wish for a greater honour. The Emperor forged me for this duty, and I shall never fail Him."

— Eorloid, Chapter Master of the Genesis Chapter
Chapter Master

A Chapter Master of the Adeptus Astartes wielding twin Thunder Hammers.

A Chapter Master is the Firstborn or Primaris Marine who serves as the lord and commanding officer of a Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. In ancient times, during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy before the Second Founding, the title sometimes also referred to a senior officer of a Space Marine Legion who commanded a subsidiary unit of the Legion called a "chapter," comprising on average 1,000 Astartes, from which the present-day rank derives.

To be a Chapter Master of an Imperial Space Marine Chapter is to be a transhuman avatar of war amongst mere mortals. The Chapter Masters of the Adeptus Astartes are unmatched in personal combat prowess, possessing the body of a genetically superior killing machine and literally centuries of combat experience.

A Chapter Master is a true scion of the Emperor of Mankind, heir to the strength and fortitude possessed by his genetic forebears, the primarchs. Centuries of combat gained from time spent throughout the various ranks of the Chapter have taught him valuable lessons in the art of war, trained him in the various facets of military strategy and honed his martial instincts to the level of near pre-cognizance.

In the dark times of the 41st Millennium, in the days of ceaseless war and numberless enemies that would see Mankind enslaved or wiped from existence, the Chapter Masters of the Space Marines are warriors without peer, standing resolute when others would waver, advancing without trepidation when other men flee and wisely withdrawing when only a fool would futilely fight on when the odds are stacked against them.

By his example of true heroism and superlative command does a Master of the Space Marines awaken great deeds in lesser men, inspiring not only the Astartes under his command, but those mortal men and women whom they fight side-by-side with.

Being a legal peer of the Imperium of Man, the Chapter Master acts with authority as he sees fit, according to his own counsel and judgment, answerable to no one except his fellow Chapter Masters and the Emperor of Mankind Himself or His representatives, the High Lords of Terra. He holds dominion over 1,000 transhuman battle-brothers, willing to fight and die for him at his merest whim, and without question.

In addition he holds sway over vast martial and civil resources, including battle barges, strike cruisers, Armouries filled with the most advanced weaponry of the Imperium, Planetary Defence Forces, astropaths and Navigators.

The majority of these masters of the Space Marines sometimes rule an entire world as well as the surrounding system and sub-sectors in the name of the Emperor.

Such areas of the galaxy are considered to be relatively stable and safe in a far greater galaxy that is often consumed by war. The sectors of space controlled by the Astartes benefit greatly from the political patronage and formidable intellectual skills of their protectors.

The title of Chapter Master is not consistent throughout the various Space Marine Chapters. Often times less standard Chapters that do not comply with the Codex Astartes in every way use traditional or non-standard cultural titles to denote their Chapter's commander.

The most notable non-standard titles are: "Imperial Commander" (formal title used for all Imperial military commanding officers), "Grand Master" (used by various Chapters), "Commander" (Blood Angels), "High Marshal" (Black Templars), "Supreme Grand Master" (Dark Angels), and the "Great Wolf" (Space Wolves).

These are but a few of the many different titles used throughout the various Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes for these paragons of Mankind.

Notable Chapter Masters

The following is a list of all known Chapters Masters that currently command an Adeptus Astartes Chapter:

Angels Encarmine

  • Zargo - Zargo is the castellan (Chapter Master) of the Angels Encarmine. He was one of the most active Chapter Masters within the Adeptus Astartes. He could not rest at peace, forever seeking opportunities to lead his Chapter on campaign. As a result, the Angels Encarmine are rarely at full strength, though what they lack in numbers is more than compensated for in their determined fervor. Castellan Zargo was killed during the Devastation of Baal while he led the defence of the Arx Murus along with two thirds of his Chapter.

Angels Numinous

Angels Sanguine

  • Sentikan - Sentikan is the current Chapter Master of the Angels Sanguine. Sentikan supported the Blood Angels on Baal during the recent Conclave of all the Chapters drawn from Sanguinius' bloodline, called by the Blood Angels' Lord Commander Dante, to discuss the fate of their Primogenitor Chapter. Sentikan assisted in the defence of the remains of the Primarch Sanguinius himself from the assault of the forces of Chaos.

Astra Fists

  • Argolis - Argolis is the current Chapter Master of the Astral Fists. Most recently, he led the entirety of his Chapter to engage the Tyranids of the Echidna splinter fleet some time during the 41st Millennium.

Astral Knights

  • Artor Amhrad - Artor Amhrad was the Chapter Master of the Astral Knights. When 15 Space Marine task forces failed to stop a large Necron starship known as the World Engine, the Chapter Master of the Astral Knights Chapter adopted a desperate strategy. Forgoing weaponry that proved to be ineffective, Amhrad employed his Chapter's Battle Barge against the World Engine's Void Shields. The moment the mighty space-borne missile pierced the World Engine's shields, the Astral Knights had already taken to their Drop Pods. For over 100 hours the Astral Knights battled against the vastly superior force of Necron warriors numbering in the tens of thousands. The Astral Knights force was eventually reduced in size to just Amhrad and five remaining battle-brothers. Amhrad then detonated Melta-charges that destroyed the vast Necron tomb complex that housed many of the World Engine's command arrays. This damage brought down the vessel's Void Shields. With the World Engine's shields lost, the Imperial Navy's starships were able to destroy the World Engine with Cyclonic Torpedoes. On the outskirts of the Danorra System lies the scarred and lifeless planet of Safehold. It is there, in the dead heart of the Battle Barge Tempestus, that a shrine was raised to the memory of the Astral Knights. Seven hundred and seventy-two arbalstone statues stand silent vigil amongst the ruined flagship of the lost Chapter, one for each of the fallen battle-brothers of the Astral Knights.

Aurora Chapter

  • Herak Nhuson - Nhuson was the lord (Chapter Master) of the Aurora Chapter during the seventh century of the 41st Millennium. In 650.M41, a Chaos-inspired nihilo-cult usurped power in the Gorus System, igniting the Goru Heresy. The Aurora Chapter immediately executed a lightning campaign that decapitated the Heretics' inner circle and restored order to the region within ten solar days of their deployment. There is scant cause for celebration however, as Herak Nhuson was killed when the Heretic leader unleashed a Warp-fuelled psi-vortex as a dying act of spite.

Black Guard

  • Gherith Arendi - Ghereth Arendi was the first Chapter Master of the Black Guard. Commander of Primarch Corax's bodyguard, the Shadow Wardens, during the Horus Heresy, Gherith Arendi was long believed slain during the Drop Site Massacre on Isstvan V, but ultimately rejoined the Legion. During the Horus Heresy, having fought side-by-side in battle and saved each other's lives, a new relationship of trust was established between the primarch and his former bodyguard. Arendi was later made the commander of the newly commissioned Black Guard, a Raven Guard unit which was formed from the Shadow Wardens. He would later go on to lead the newly-formed Black Guard Space Marine Chapter as its first Master.

Black Templars

  • Helbrecht - Helbrecht is the current High Marshal (Chapter Master) of the Black Templars Space Marine Chapter and primary coordinator of the Chapter's various Crusades.
  • Kordhel - Kordhel was Helbrecht's immediate predecessor as High Marshal and was slain by a frenzied Chaos Champion of the Ruinous Powers in late 990.M41.
  • Ludoldus - Kordhel's predecessor, Ludoldus, was a legendary High Marshal of the Black Templars, his career second-to-none, and his accomplishments were the stuff of Chapter legends. When Helbrecht was but a lowly Neophyte, he served under the venerable High Marshal during the Vinculus Crusade in 833.M41, playing witness to the dramatic events of the campaign.
  • Sigenandus - Sigenandus was the High Marshal of the Black Templars during the tumultuous era known as the Wars of Apostasy in the 36th Millennium. A fiercely vengeful warrior, High Marshal Sigenandus was amongst the most fearsome warriors ever to command the Black Templars. In 378.M36, he gathered four Crusade fleets and set off towards Terra, and vengeance. The Black Templars, together with the Imperial Fists and two other Chapters, the Soul Drinkers and the zealous Fire Hawks, and elements of the Martian Skitarii, took the fight to Terra itself and laid siege to the rogue High Lord, Goge Vandire's Ecclesiarchal Palace.
  • Bohemond - Bohemond was the High Marshal of the Black Templars Chapter in the mid-32nd Millennium, and took part in the desperate battles against a massive Ork WAAAGH! that threatened the Throneworld of Terra itself during the War of the Beast that took place in 544-546.M32.
  • Sigismund - Sigismund was the First Captain of the Imperial Fists Legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, and was chosen by his Primarch Rogal Dorn as the first High Marshal (Chapter Master) of the newly created Black Templars Chapter during the Second Founding in the early 31st Millennium.

Blood Angels

  • Dante - Dante, the commander (Chapter Master) of the Blood Angels, is considered to be the oldest living Chapter Master within the Adeptus Astartes at over 1,300 standard years old. He is believed to be the oldest living Loyalist Space Marine with the exception of those Space Marines sustained by the cybernetic technology of Dreadnoughts, the use of temporal stasis or other technological means of extending human life. Lord Commander Dante's exact age is unknown and he is suspected by some members of his Chapter to be even older than his 13 centuries.
  • Kadeus - Kadeus was a former Chapter Master of the Blood Angels. He took part in the catastrophic Space Hulk cleansing operation in 996.M40 that came to be known as the Secoris Tragedy. Kadeus, alongside Captain Dante, were one of only fifty surviving battle-brothers able to fight their way off the Genestealer-invested hulk. He was later chosen as Sangallo's successor as Chapter Master and lead his Chapter from the brink of extinction. During his time as Chapter Master, Sangallo wielded the relic blade Challenger, and famously battled the Tzeentch Daemon Prince Sethselameth after it emerged on the Battle Barge Bloodcaller. In the subsequent battle, Kadeus managed to banish the Daemon back to the Warp but was mortally wounded in the process. A beautifully painted mural was later created on the vessel to commemorate this famous battle. Kadeus would die of his wounds in the great audience chamber (the Grand Annex) of the Blood Angels' fortress-monastery on Baal. Before his death, Kadeus named Dante as his successor and gave him the Axe Mortalis.
  • Sangallo - Sangallo was a former Chapter Master of the Blood Angels. He led a large force of the Chapter to battle in the Secoris Tragedy, a catastrophic Space Hulk cleansing operation undertaken by the Blood Angels Chapter in 996.M40. The entire Chapter deployed when a Space Hulk appeared in the Secoris System near Baal. However, the Blood Angels discovered tens of thousands of Genestealers in hibernation. The resistance the Sons of Baal encountered was fierce, and Sangallo was tragically killed. Among the fifty battle-brothers who managed to escape the battle were Captains Dante and Kadeus. Kadeus would go on to take Sangallo's place as Chapter Master and lead his Chapter from the brink of extinction.
  • Castivarus - Successor of the short-lived Chapter Master Kalael, Commander Castivarus is most remembered for leading the so-called Shield of Sanguinius (a combined force comprised of the Blood Angels, Astra Militarum and Knights of House Griffith) against a massive Ork WAAAGH! in the Redhaven System. Perceived and masterfully coordinated by the Chapter Master, the Imperial defence successfully halted the WAAAGH! and was utterly destroyed.
  • Kalael - Kalael was the short-lived commander of the Blood Angels in the 35th Millennium. Per Chapter tradition, following the death of his predecessor, the Captain of the 1st Company was elevated to the position of Lord Commander. When Captain Kalael rose to the rank of Chapter Master he succumbed almost immediately to the Black Rage, throwing the Blood Angels into a spiritual and organisational crisis. This led to the restructuring of the Chapter Command, which incorporated the Sanguinary Priesthood and Reclusiam as a part of the Blood Angels' higher echelon. This structure means that the Sanguinary High Priest and High Chaplain take joint temporary rule in the event of the Chapter Master's death. By holding temporary command, the High Chaplain and Sanguinary High Priest can test the will and worthiness of the new candidate to ensure that such a rash and unfortunate appointment does not occur again.
  • Belarius - In some contradictory legends of the Chapter, Belarius was the first Chapter Master of the Blood Angels after the death of their primarch at the hands of Horus during the Siege of Terra. A revered Chapter hero during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras, he was given the legendary weapon known as the Blade Encarmine by Sanguinius and was unanimously hailed by his battle-brothers as the Angel's successor in guiding the Chapter into an uncertain future following the end of the Heresy. This name may be an alternate or legendary name for Raldoron, who was the true first Chapter Master of the Blood Angels following the end of the Heresy and the death of Sanguinius.
  • Raldoron - Raldoron, known as the Blooded, was the legendary First Captain of the Veteran 1st Company of the IX Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras. He was one of the primarch's most trusted men and carried many honours alongside his stewardship of the elite 1st Company, the Protectors, a responsibility hard-won through decades of war in the Emperor's name. Raldoron was Equerry to his Legion's primarch and held the then-new honourific "Chapter Master", serving in an advisory role to Sanguinius. In some contradictory legends, it was Raldoron who was elected the first Chapter Master of the Blood Angels following Sanguinius' death at the hands of Horus. Other legends state it was Belarius. These two individuals might be one and the same, but Imperial records from this time are fragmentary and unreliable at best.

Blood Drinkers

  • Orloc - Orloc is the Chapter Master of the Blood Drinkers. Orloc took part in the recent Blood Angels Conclave and agreed to donate a portion of his Chapter's initiates to help rebuild the depleted Blood Angels.

Blood Legion

  • Armis - Armis, first ixard (Chapter Master) of the Blood Legion Chapter, took part in the recent Blood Angels Conclave and assisted in the defence of the Primarch Sanguinius' tomb. He agreed to donate a portion of his Chapter's Initiates to help rebuild the depleted Blood Angels Chapter.

Blood Ravens

  • Gabriel Angelos - Gabriel Angelos is the current Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens Chapter. Formerly he was the captain of the Chapter's 3rd Company, Angelos was recently responsible for slaying the Chapter's former Chapter Master and Chief Librarian, Azariah Kyras, who had become a pawn of Chaos. Angelos has been responsible for some of the most notable events in the Blood Ravens' recent history, including the battles against the forces of Chaos on Tartarus, Lorn V and the defeat of a splinter Tyranid Hive Fleet and Chaos invasion of the Sub-sector Aurelia of the Korianis Sector.
  • Azariah Kyras - Azariah Kyras was the former Chapter Master and Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens Chapter of Space Marines. Kyras was known by elements of the Blood Ravens to have been corrupted by Chaos. Following the recent victory of Captain Gabriel Angelos over the forces of Chaos in the Sub-sector Aurelia, Angelos defeated the corrupt Kyras in battle and replaced him as Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens.

Blood Swords

Brazen Claws

  • Caul Engentre - Caul Engentre is the Chapter Master and a hero of the Brazen Claws Chapter who has four standard centuries of experience in facing down the slavering darkness of the Daemon, xenos, mutant and heretic. Engentre was present when the Brazen Claws' homeworld of Talus IV fell to the ravening hordes of Chaos. The Chapter Master had sworn a mighty oath of vengeance to pursue the forces of Chaos into the very Eye of Terror itself. It had been uttered in the ashes of his Chapter's homeworld, the oath sworn amidst the fires of their burning fortress-monastery. After twenty standard years of prosecuting their ill-fated Crusade of Vengeance against the Traitor Legions within the Eye of Terror, the Chapter had suffered the loss of at least two companies. After twenty years of hubris, pride and death, Engentre called the entirety of his Chapter to council aboard his flagship, to discuss whether or not it would be prudent to continue prosecuting their Crusade. Out of ten companies, only four hundred Space Marines of the Brazen Claws were able to attend. After much debate, and the sage wisdom of the Chapter's surviving Captains, Engentre told his Chapter that their Crusade was at an end. He then ordered his Chapter to prepare to depart the Eye for the realms of man.


  • Tyberos - Tyberos, "The Red Wake," is the "Shade Lord" or Chapter Master of the Carcharodons and commander of the fabled Battle Barge Nicor. He also serves simultaneously as company master of the Carcharodons' elite 1st Company, better known as the "Red Brethren."


  • Nakir - Nakir is the supreme grand master (Chapter Master) of the Consecrators and something of an enigma even amongst the mystery-wreathed warriors of the Unforgiven. Nakir had been an Interrogator-Chaplain before his ascension to command of the Consecrators, the so-called Master of Souls. Even now a symbol of his past hangs at his waist, a wooden rod in the shape of a small Crozius Arcanum, studded with six black pearls. Each was a trophy of a Fallen made to repent, a remarkable feat for any Dark Angel, and almost unprecedented in one of Nakir's short service. He leads a Chapter dedicated to unearthing the secrets of the past. In battle, Nakir wields one of the legendary Heavenfall Blades, known as the Sword of Sanctity.

Crimson Castellans

  • Caroman - Caroman is the current Chapter Master of the Crimson Castellans Chapter. Recently Caroman's Chapter was forced to defend the world of Ector in the Valedan System during their decennial recruitment ritual from a simultaneous assault of a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Kraken and the main body of Hive Fleet Leviathan.
  • Sojai Antiro - The previous Chapter Master of the Crimson Castellans, Antiro was embroiled in a war with a pirate warband assisted by Renegade elements of the Crimson Castellans Chapter. The differences between Loyalists and Renegades were set aside with Hive Fleet Jormungandr's descent upon their Chapter homeworld. Antiro died in the bowels of Hoventa Hive, spitting curses at the Raveners of Hive Fleet Jormungandr who tore him limb from limb.

Crimson Consuls

Crimson Fists

  • Pedro Kantor - Pedro Kantor is the current Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists. Kantor is a survivor of the Battle of Rynn's World where a large Ork WAAAGH! invaded the Crimson Fists' homeworld, destroyed their fortress-monastery and wiped out the majority of their Chapter.
  • Alexis Polux - Alexis Polux was the first Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists Chapter. He was a battle-brother of the Imperial Fists Legion who had won the Primarch Rogal Dorn's respect countless times during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy. Known as much for his massive physical size and prowess as his leadership and tactical expertise, Polux led the Crimson Fists for the first 800 standard years of their existence. During this time, he did much to shape their interpretation of the Codex Astartes and their combat doctrines.

Dark Angels

  • Azrael - Azrael is the current supreme grand master (Chapter Master) of the Dark Angels. He is the Keeper of the Truth and bearer of the Lion Helm of Lion El'Jonson and the mighty Sword of Secrets.
  • Naberius - Naberius was a former supreme grand master of the Dark Angels who was led into an ambush and slain by Chaos Space Marines whilst in pursuit of the infamous Fallen Angel Cypher in 939.M41. Azrael led the Deathwing to recover his body and was subsequently named as his successor.
  • Aradiel - Aradiel was a former supreme grand master of the Dark Angels that led the boarding action of the infamous Space Hulk Prison of Lost Souls.
  • Anaziel - Supreme grand master of the Dark Angels in the 37th Millennium. Requested the creation of the Disciples of Caliban Chapter of Unforgiven Space Marines.
  • Armaros - The twelfth supreme grand master of the Dark Angels, Armaros led his Chapter to victory in the Bloodpox Campaign in 101.M34 against the vile Death Guard Traitor Legion and the Renegade warband known as the Brotherhood of the Plague. Armaros contracted the loathsome pox known as Nurgle's Rot, causing his rapid deterioration. His condition convinced the Supreme Grand Master to immediately pass the Lion Helm to his chosen successor. To ensure the contamination did not spread, Armaros voluntarily entered The Rock's reactor chamber and was wholly consumed.
  • Alloken - During the final battle of the Red Stars Campaign in 822.M33, Supreme Grand Master Alloken led the entirety of the Dark Angels Chapter during the climactic Battle of Vermilac Prime in order to cut the head off WAAAGH! Zogax. The Orks utilised hence-unknown technology that jammed the Space Marine's teleportation devices. Alloken opted to confront the Warboss with his command squad, without the support of the Deathwing. In the ensuing battle, the Supreme Grand Master was killed. As the Warboss reached down to claim the Lion's Helm for his own, only the timely intervention of Cypher prevented the massive Ork from claiming this revered relic. When the Deathwing were finally able to teleport to the surface of the planet to secure victory, they found both the Lion's Helm and the Sword of Secrets, the badges of the Supreme Grand Master's office.
  • Purson - During an unspoken period of their history (580.M31-632.M32), referred to as the Forgotten Wars, rumours lead the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter, along with three of their Successor Chapter, the Angels of Vengeance, the Angels of Redemption and the Lions Sable, embark upon a harrowing campaign to track down multiple Fallen Angels, including the elusive Cypher. During the grueling campaign, the world of Cocytus I was engulfed by a massive Warp Storm. This was the last anyone would ever see of Purson or the Lions Sable Chapter. Eventually, the Fallen known as Cypher did reappear, leading the Dark Angels into an empty cathedral to the Emperor on a ruined and desolate planet. There, they found neatly placed where they could not miss them the returned Sword of Secrets and the Lion Helm.

Dark Hunters

  • Al Murzim - Al Murzim serves as the current kharne (Chapter Master) of the Dark Hunters.
  • Jullunai Khan - Jullunai Khan was the kharne of the Dark Hunters Chapter in the 38th Millennium. He led his Chapter in defence of their Chapter homeworld of Phobian against the forces of the Blind King.
  • Lukullus Nogai - Lukullus Nogai served as the second kharne of the Dark Hunters. Some venerate him as an Imperial Saint.
  • Angnar - Angnar was a captain of the White Scars Chapter who was chosen to be the first kharne or Chapter Master of the newly created Dark Hunters Chapter in the 37th Millennium. Angnar was presented a relic Power Axe by Mordonai Khan of the White Scars at Quan Zhou, an axe which their Primarch Jaghatai Khan himself had once used. It was double-headed, millennia old, and still crackled with blue flames when raised in the sunlight, a gift worthy of great heroes. The Dark Hunters took this sacred relic as their Chapter icon, the twice-bladed symbol of vengeance and justice.

Disciples of Blood

Doom Eagles

  • Hearon - Commander Hearon is the current Chapter Master of the Doom Eagles.
  • Tulian Aquila - Tulian Aquila was the first commander (Chapter Master) of the Doom Eagles Chapter. Aquila was a Veteran battle-brother of the Ultramarines Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras. He served as a sergeant during the Battle of Calth. Following the Heresy, Captain Aquila would go on to become the founder and first commander of the newly created Doom Eagles during the Second Founding. The Doom Eagles quickly embraced their Chapter Master's sense of fatalism, and came to accept that death was inevitable.

Doom Legion

  • Konstantos - Konstantos is the current Chapter Master of the Doom Legion. When the Doom Legion had been found wanting by the apostate Basillius, only six companies from their Chapter deployed with the Imperial Abyssal Crusade to face the horrors of the Eye of Terror. The other four companies remained on the star fortress Faithful's Deliverance to maintain their eternal vigil over the Elusian Maze asteroid field. The six companies who took part in this doomed crusade were utterly corrupted by Chaos. Following the events of the Abyssal Crusade, the eyes of the Adeptus Terra fell upon the erstwhile kin of the Doom Legion that were still "loyal" to the Imperium. Despite close scrutiny by the Inquistion, Konstantos convinced the Inquisitorial investigators of their continued loyalty.

Emperor's Swords

  • Kendral (KIA) - Kendral was the Chapter Master of the Emperor's Swords. When the ambitious and foul-tempered Evil Sunz Ork Warboss known as Skullkrumpa, the infamous Red Scourge of Galthamor, and his Speed Freeks laid waste to the Hive World of Galthamor in 925.M41, the Emperor's Swords answered the call to defend the besieged Imperial world. But during the epic battle, Skullkrumpa managed to personally slay the Emperor's Swords' Chapter Master Kendral during the Assault on Fireheart Hive, the planet's primary population centre. Following the death of their Chapter Master, the enraged Emperor's Swords managed to drive off Skullkrumpa's forces.


  • Zachariah Kersh - Zachariah Kersh is the current Chapter Master of the Excoriators. Serving as the Chapter Scourge (Chapter Champion), he dishonoured his Chapter when succumbed to the crippling genetic curse, known as Dorn's Darkness, during a crucial battle against the treacherous Alpha Legion upon the world of Ignis Prime. In the ensuing melee, nearly the entirety of the Honoured 1st (the Chapter's Veteran 1st Company) was destroyed, the Chapter Master was grievously wounded by an assassin's poisoned blade, and the sacred Chapter standard, The Stigmartyr was taken. Kersh would later serve as the acting commander of the Exocoriators' 5th Company, and defend the Cemetery World of Certus-Minor against the predations of the Chaos Cholercaust Blood Crusade, in which Kersh would emerge as the sole survivor. Redeeming himself in the eyes of his Chapter, he would succeed the previous Chapter Master after he succumbed to the poison ravaging his body.
  • Quesiah Ichabod - Quesiah Ichabod was the former Chapter Master of the Excoriators Space Marine Chapter, until he was brought low, through treachery, with an assassin's poisoned blade by the cursed Alpha Legion upon the world of Ignis Prime. Though he valiantly fought against the virulent poison that ravaged his body, ultimately it resulted in a slow and agonising death.
  • Issachar - Issachar was the Chapter Master of the Excoriators Chapter during the mid-32nd Millennium, and took part in the desperate battles against a massive Ork WAAAGH! that threatened the Throneworld of Terra itself during the War of the Beast in 544.M32.
  • Demetrius Katafalque - A former captain of the Imperial Fists Legion, Demetrius had once fought at Rogal Dorn's side during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy that followed. During the Siege of Terra, it was Katafalque who bled with his warriors before the walls of the Imperial Palace, under the horrific onslaught of the Warmaster's siege, putting his body between the enemy and his Emperor. He made them pay in blood for every treasonous step. Rogal Dorn designated Demetrius to become the first Excoriator; the first Chapter Master of a Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists. He also took part in the post-Heresy Crusades of penitence against the Traitor Legions during the Great Scouring. Katafalque scribed the sacred tome, The Architecture of Agony, a treatise dedicated to devotional suffering.


  • Arkash Hakkon - Arkash Hakkon was the Lord High Executioner (Chapter Master) of the Executioners at the outset of the Badab War. Owing an ancient blood-debt to Lufgt Huron of the Renegade Astral Claws Chapter, the Executioners soon found themselves on the wrong side of the Badab conflict. They were eventually granted the Emperor's forgiveness by the High Lords of Terra. Their twin Chapter worlds were given over in trust to the Salamanders Chapter and their own Successor Chapters rather than forfeited entirely, and would be returned to them should they survive their hundred year long Penance Crusade.
  • Fafnir Rann - Fafnir Rann was a ruthless and bellicose captain of the Imperial Fists Legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy. By the opening days of the Heresy, Rann had risen to the esteemed rank of Seneschal. Seneschal Rann was a part of the Retribution Fleet mustered by Rogal Dorn to assist the beleaguered Loyalists on Isstvan III, and later took part in the Battle of Phall against the traitor Iron Warriors Legion. After the Heresy, Rann would continue to serve in the Imperial Fists until the Third Founding, which occurred in 001.M32. Rann was selected to become the patriarch and first High Executioner (Chapter Master) of the newly founded Executioners Chapter.


  • Enoch Trismegistus - Enoch was the first Chapter Master of the mysterious Exorcists.

Fire Angels

  • Uriaens - Consul-Master (Chapter Master) Uriaens is the current lord of the Fire Angels.

Fire Hawks

  • Stibor Lazaerek - At the outset of the Badab War Knight-Commander (Chapter Master) Lazaerek was more than six standard centuries old and in failing health due to numerous war wounds accumulated over a long and glorious career. Widely regarded by Imperial authorities as a bitter and hubristic individual. Lazaerek, along with his entire Chapter was officially declared Lost to the Warp and assumed destroyed when their Chapter fleet attempted a warp jump from the Piraeus system, one-hundred and twenty light years from the Crows World subsector in 963.M41.

Fire Lords

Fist Exemplar

  • Maximus Thane - Maximus Thane was the former 2nd Company captain of the Fists Exemplar, who assumed command upon the tragic death of Alameda. He led his Chapter against the massive Ork WAAAGH! during the War of the Beast in 544.M32. After the Second Invasion of Ullanor, Thane became the Chapter Master of the newly reconstituted Imperial Fists following the death of its previous Chapter Master and sole survivor Koorland.
  • Alameda - Alameda was the second Chapter Master of the Fists Exemplar. He succeeded Dantalion after he was tragically killed. When their Chapter home world was invaded by greenskin forces of the Ork Warlord known as The Beast in 544.M32, he led his Chapter to meet the Orks head-on. While engaging the first wave, disaster struck when a second wave of Ork ships literally landed on top of the first wave. The resulting impact with the desert floor hurled large rocks into the air, which then fell back to earth, crushing both the Ork and Astartes forces. Alameda was killed when one of these large chunks of rock crushed his Land Raider.
  • Oriax Dantalion - Oriax Dantalion was a captain of the Imperial Fists Legion who was a veteran of the Great Crusade and numerous bloody battles of the Horus Heresy, as well as the subsequent Great Scouring. A progressive commander, Dantalion favoured the sweeping changes of Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman's Codex Astartes. His viewpoint did not go over well with Rogal Dorn however. But eventually, Dorn relented and during the Second Founding, honoured Captain Dantalion by making him the first Chapter Master of the newly founded Fists Exemplar Chapter. He was later tragically killed when their Chapter's star fort, Alcazar Astra, crashed into the feral world of Eidolica, due to unexpected Warp turbulence.

Flesh Tearers

  • Gabriel Seth - Commander Gabriel Seth has led the Flesh Tearers for over a standard century and has not yet succumbed to the Black Rage, though the stability of his Chapter as a whole remains questionable. Seth has earned a great degree of enmity with most other Imperial armies he has fought alongside. Imperial Guard and Adepta Sororitas commanders are often simply ignored, whilst other Space Marines grow frustrated with Seth`s impetuous desire to instantly destroy all enemies.
  • Nassir Amit - Nassir Amit was the captain of the Blood Angels Legion's 5th Company during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras. He carried the nickname of the "Flesh Tearer", a name which he would pass on to his Chapter. Amit became the Flesh Tearers' first Chapter Master during the Second Founding and conquered the Death World of Cretacia for the Imperium and then established his Chapter's fortress-monastery there. He later died tragically, after succumbing to the genetic curse known as the Black Rage.

Genesis Chapter

Grey Knights

  • Kaldor Draigo - Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo is the leading grand master of the Grey Knights and a warrior beyond all reckoning. As a lowly battle-brother he imprisoned the Daemon Prince M'kar the Reborn and he has risen steadily through the ranks to become a Grand Master of the most secretive and elite Chapter of the Space Marines. Yet ever since his battle with M'kar, Draigo has been cursed to a life within the Warp, doomed to walk within the Realm of Chaos. To remain pure when constantly assailed by the power of raw Chaos shows such fortitude and personal strength that it is beyond the measure of the average mortal. But so long as Draigo still draws breath he knows that one day he will prevail and more importantly, he will return to realspace to lead the fight against the forces of Chaos.
  • Geronitan - Geronitan was the predecessor of Kaldor Draigo as the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights. He was slain at the hands of the Daemon Primarch Mortarion at the Battle of Kornovin in 901.M41.
  • Orias - Orias was brought low in the 39th Millennium by the Daemon Prince and Plague Lord Herperitus and was interred within Dreadnought, after giving his assent while he lay on his deathbed for three whole days.
  • Aeneas - Aeneas lead the Grey Knights Chapter for 55 standard years during the 37th Millennium before he was mortally wounded by the Chaos Sorcerer Ahriman of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion and was interred within a Dreadnought.
  • Janus - Janus was originally the Thousand Sons Astartes named Revuel Arvida, one of the eight Legionaries of the Knights-Errant chosen by Malcador the Sigillite and approved by the Emperor to lay the foundation of what was to become the Grey Knights. Legends of the Grey Knights' founding lord are as numerous as there are stars in the night sky -- the champions he slew, the wars he won, the Daemons he banished -- and none alive now know how much they have been twisted through the centuries.

Howling Griffons

  • Alvaro - Alvaro is the current Chapter Master of the Howling Griffons Space Marine Chapter. During the Third War for Armageddon the elite 1st Company, led by Alvaro, was based on the Battle Barge Force of Destiny, where they engaged in the persecution of a company of Night Lords Chaos Space Marines under the command of the infamous former Word Bearers Daemon Prince Periclitor. It was widely known that the Howling Griffons harboured a particularly deep hatred of this Daemon Prince for his prior assaults and insults to the Chapter, including his murder of a previous Chapter Master in the 38th Millennium.
  • Orlando Furioso - Orlando Furioso was the Chapter Master of the Howling Griffons in the 38th Millennium. He was tragically killed in 220.M30 by the Chaos Lord Periclitor on the eve of his Chapter's 5,000th anniversary of their Founding. This would be the start of long lasting enmity between the Howling Griffons and Periclitor, who was eventually elevated to daemonhood.

Imperial Fists

  • Gregor Dessian - Gregor Dessian is the current Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists. Dessian took command of the Chapter after his predecessor, Vorn Hagan, died defending Terra in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation. Before assuming the mantle of Chapter Master, Dessian was captain of the 7th Company. After the Great Rift formed, he and his company embarked on a penance crusade to its leading edge. Dessian and his warriors suffered great trials on worlds writhing with daemonic corruption, beset by rebellion and Chaos Space Marines. When he returned to the Terra, Chapter Master Hagan was dead and Dessian was chosen to replace him.
  • Vorn Hagan (KIA) - Vorn Hagan was the previous Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists. He became the Chapter's lord following the death of Vladimir Pugh in 970.M41, when he was slain battling Tyranids deep within a crashed Space Hulk during the Infestation of Drashin. Captain Darnath Lysander of the 1st Company was initially elected to lead the Chapter, but refused the honour. Instead, Captain Vorn Hagan, the commander of the 5th Company, became the Imperial Fists' new Chapter Master. Hagan was slain defending Terra in the aftermath of the Great Rift's birth.
  • Vladimir Pugh (KIA) - Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists before Vorn Hagan. Whilst not a particularly inspirational leader, Pugh was considered as meticulous a planner as any Chapter Master in the Imperial Fists' history. It is said that Pugh had once had his taste buds removed as penance for losing 170 Imperial Fists Astartes in battle. Pugh was slain battling Tyranids deep within a crashed Space Hulk during the Infestation of Drashin in 970.M41.
  • Lazerian - Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists during the Age of Apostasy in the 36th Millennium and present during the Second Siege of the Imperial Palace where the Black Templars, Imperial Fists, Soul Drinkers and Fire Hawks fought to depose the insane High Lord Goge Vandire.
  • Bronwin Abermort - One of the Imperial Fists' early Chapter Masters.
  • Kalman Flodensbog - One of the Imperial Fists' early Chapter Masters.
  • Ambrosian Spactor - One of the Imperial Fists' early Chapter Masters.

Iron Fists

  • Kastal Verchen - Kastal Verchen is the current Chapter Master of the Iron Fists.

Iron Hands

  • Kardan Stronos - Kardan Stronos serves as the de facto Chapter Master of the Iron Hands, serving as the Iron Council's representative with the rest of the Imperium. Of all the Iron Fathers to have served as the spokesman for the Iron Council, none echo the glory of their Primarch Ferrus Manus more than Stronos. Since the loss of their primarch, no single warrior has ever permanently led the Iron Hands. Instead, they are guided by the Iron Council, which is composed of Iron Fathers who appoint one amongst their number to command, according to the needs of the Chapter. So it is that an Iron Father might lead for the course of a campaign for which his particular skills make him singularly suited, and whilst that war rages, he wields all the power and responsibility of a true Chapter Master. Upon the mission's conclusion, he cedes power back to the Iron Council, who then calculate who will be the next Iron Father to lead them. It is testament to Kardan Stronos' skill as both warrior and commander that he has been reappointed as head of the Iron Council for over three hundred consecutive years.

Iron Snakes

  • Seydon - Seydon is the 18th successive Chapter Master of the Iron Snakes.


  • Malakim Phoros, "Lord of Ruin" - Malakim Phoros was the Chapter Master of the Lamenters at the outset of the Badab War and was also known as the "Lord of Ruin" and the "Watcher of the Deeps." Phoros was a living example of both his brethren's grief and their resilience. A figure of awe and reverence for his Chapter, Phoros struggled to contain the Black Rage that permeated his Chapter's soul. In battle he was a fierce sight to behold, his control slipping as he went to the brink of being consumed by the Black Rage several times only to pull himself back from the abyss. He willingly followed Lufgt Huron and his Renegade Astral Claws into the Secession of the Maelstrom Zone from the Imperium, which devolved into the infamous conflict known as the Badab War. Phoros was believed slain during the destruction of his Battle Barge when the Lamenters were battered into submission by the Minotaurs Chapter. Rumours persist that he has since rejoined his battle-brothers in exile, but such stories cannot be confirmed.

Mantis Warriors

  • Khoisan Neotera - At the outset of the Badab War Khoisan Neotera was the Chapter Master of the Mantis Warriors. Finding themselves on the wrong side of the internecine conflict, the Mantis Warriors realized that they had been misled by the Tyrant of Badab, Lufgt Huron, the Chapter Master of the Renegade Astral Claws, and turned on their former allies. Neotera was tried by an Imperial jury of his fellow Chapter Masters who sentenced him to spend the rest of his natural life in solitary confinement in the Imperial prison Penitentiacon to contemplate his wrong-doing. His Chapter was spared; they were ordered to give up their homeworld and to undertake a century-long Penitent Crusade without the ability to draw new recruits in to the Chapter to make up their losses.

Marines Errant

  • Anton Narvaez - At the outset of the Badab War, Anton Narvaez was the Marines Errant's current Chapter Master.

Marines Exemplar

  • Maxim Absolon - Chapter Master Absolon deployed 9 Battle Companies (all but one Reserve Company) in the defence of the Cadian Sector against Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade in 999.M41. His Chapter was scattered across several warzones. During the war, the Chapter Master's Thunderhawk was shot down (though the Chapter remains hopeful that Absolon is still alive). His current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Nisk Ran-Thawll - Ran-Thawll is considered one of the most formidable commanders to serve in the Adeptus Astartes. He has the authority to refuse field testing of any new equipment thought to be dangerously unstable. There is no record of Ran-Thawll ever choosing to exercise his veto. He is thought to have visited the Emperor several times, though this is mere speculation.


  • Asterion Moloc, "Master of the Minotaurs", "Bringer of Wrath" - Asterion Moloc is the current lord (Chapter Master) of the fearsome and brutal Minotaurs Space Marine Chapter. This paranoid and bloody-handed Astartes commander revels in his dark reputation and his name is a byword for death and mayhem carried out in the name of the benevolent Emperor of Mankind.


  • Magyar -- This venerable Astartes warrior is the current lord (Chapter Master) of the Mortifactors. He is one of the oldest living Chapter Masters in the Imperium at over 700 standard years old.
  • Sasebo Tezuka - Sasebo Tezuka was a captain of the Ultramarines Legion who was also a veteran of both the Great Crusade and the subsequent Horus Heresy. He was given command as Chapter Master of the newly Founded Mortifactors Chapter during the Second Founding. Chapter Master Tezuka led his Chapter to seek out a new Chapter home world and eventually laid claim to the dark and frigid Feral World of Posul as had been led there by the Emperor's Tarot. There Tezuka established his fortress-monastery, the Basilica Mortis, in orbit of that dark planet and earned many honours in the name of the Emperor before his death. For ten millennia, the Mortifactors have stood sentinel over the night world of Posul.


  • Bardan Dovaro - Bardan Dovaro had become the Chapter Master of the Novamarines by the time the Indomitus Crusade came to an end at the Battle of Raukos in 111.M42. He and his Chapter was later among the Imperium's forces that Lord Commander of the Imperium Roboute Guilliman led to Ultramar's defence during the Plague Wars. Dovaro was slain in that conflict when he fell defending the Starfort Galatan from a boarding assault by Nurgle's Plague Fleets.
  • Gaius Hadraichus - Gaius Hadraichus served as a former Chapter Master of the Novamarines Chapter in the late 41st Millennium.
  • Lucretius Corvo - Lucretius Corvo was appointed by Primarch Roboute Guilliman as the founding Chapter Master of the Primogenitor Chapter, the Novamarines, a Second Founding Successor Chapter of the Ultramarines Legion. Corvo was a highly honoured Captain of the Ultramarines Legion who had led his company in countless successful engagements during the Great Crusade and served as one the Ultramarines' Champions during the vicious fighting against the apostate Word Bearers Legion on the planet Astagar during the Heresy. As recognition for his tenacity and heroic actions, a Laurel of Defiance was awarded to Corvo by Roboute Guilliman himself. This sacred object is still enshrined at the Novamarines' fortress-monastery, the Fortress Novum. Having previously granted Corvo numerous honours during his lengthy service within the Ultramarines, Guilliman trusted the Space Marine implicitly. It is for these reasons that the primarch was comfortable in assigning Captain Corvo the responsibility of command as he forged the notion of independent Space Marine Chapters.

Obsidian Glaives

  • Midnias - When the vast greenskin hordes of the infamous Ork Warlord Grukk Face-rippa and his Red WAAAGH! invaded the Sanctus Reach sub-sector, only a few little obstacles stood in the Orks' way, most notably the Space Marine world of Obstiria, home to the Obsidian Glaives. Midnias assured the sector lord that he could halt the Ork incursion before it plunged even deeper into the sub-sector. Leading five companies of Obsidian Glaives, Midnias and his men valiantly defended their Fortress-Monastery, the Penumbral Spike, when it was overrun by Ork outrider forces, led by the notorious Freebooter Kaptin Dakbad Flamegut. During this epic battle, Chapter Master Midnias faced Flamegut himself and managed to kill him. This shattered the morale of Flamegut's forces. By the dawn of the eighth day, the tide of Orks seemed to slacken, leaving the Space Marines to count their dead, which included all but one of their Dreadnoughts, most of which had succumbed to the intense radiation of their home world. The Ork onslaught had been temporarily halted. But the Chapter Master knew this was only a temporary respite. Then Grukk arrived. The Battle of Black Gulch was Midnias' final attempt to kill the Warboss. During the epic battle, Chapter Master Midnias confronted the massive Ork Warlord, and though he managed to grievously wound the fell creature, Grukk proved to be too powerful and adversary, and killed Midnias. Their commander dead, the Space Marines valiantly attempted to defend their world for a further three days, fighting a battle they could not hope to win against the overwhelming numbers of Grukk's hordes. With Obstiria crushed and the Sanctus Reach aflame, only the Knight World of Alaric Prime remained defiant, and the Red Waaagh! gathered once more for war.
  • Lukal - Lukal was the former Chapter Master of the Obsdian Glaives and Midnias's predecessor. During the Battle for Hargraven Basilica, Lukal was killed by a stray Bolter round from a Chaos Space Marine.
  • Tekelon - An early Chapter Master of the Obsidian Glaives.
  • Fulminos - Fulminos was the first and greatest Chapter Master of the Obsidian Glaives. In life, Fulminos was once handsome where a Space Marine was usually battle-scarred and ugly. He was a master duelist who had sought out and faced in single combat every enemy champion who had ever stood opposite him on a battlefield. He had been mortally-wounded and interred within the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought. He was destroyed when Obstiria was invaded by greenskins of the Red WAAAGH! in 998.M41.


  • Lias Issodon, "the Grim" - Current Chapter Master of the Raptors Chapter. He is especially adept at commanding ambush, infiltration and sabotage missions. This taciturn Space Marine Chapter Master earned the sobriquet "the Grim" as a result of his granite-like appearance and aversion to communication unless absolutely necessary.

Raven Guard

  • Kayvaan Shrike - Kayvaan Shrike is the current lord of shadows (Chapter Master) of the Raven Guard. Shrike is a famed officer of the Raven Guard who was previously the Shadow Captain of the Raven Guard's 3rdCompany. He is the famed wielder of the Raven's Talons, a pair of Lightning Claws made by Corvus Corax himself. A master of stealth and infiltration, Kayvaan Shrike strikes from the darkness, fast and lethal. By the time his foes can react, it is too late and darkness has claimed them. He took up the position of Chapter Master after the previous holder, Corvin Severax was killed while fighting the T'au Empire on Prefectia.
  • Corvin Severax (KIA) - Corvin Severax was the Raven Guard's former lord of shadows. As the Chapter Master, Corvin Severax's honorific, the "Lord of Shadows", was well founded. Seldom was the enigmatic commander seen -- even by the Space Marines of his own Chapter -- yet his authority was absolute. Severax was killed by T'au Commander Shadowsun during the fighting on Prefectia.

Red Hunters

Red Scorpions

  • Carab Culln - Crab Culln is the current lord high commander (Chapter Master) of the Red Scorpions. Culln was meritoriously promoted to the position of lord high commander during the Badab War.
  • Verant Ortys (KIA) - Verant Ortys was Carab Culln's predecessor as lord high commander. He was tragically killed during the Badab War when he was slain during a parlay with Lufgt Huron of the Renegade Astral Claws Chapter, in the infamous "Betrayal at Grief" incident.

Red Talons

  • Autek Mor - Autek Mor, known as "The Maimed" and the "Blood-Wrought," was both Iron Lord and Iron Father to the infamous Morragul Clan of the Iron Hands Legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy. During the Second Founding, with the sundering of the Space Marine Legions, he was selected to lead his own Chapter, the Red Talons.


Scythes of the Emperor

  • Thrasius - Thrasius is the current Chapter Master of the Scythes of the Emperor after the recent death of his predecessor, Thorcyra, on the Death World of Miral at the hands of the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken.
  • Thorcyra (KIA) - Chapter Master of the Scythes in the late 41st Millennium, Thorcyra was an excellent strategic leader. He, along with the remnants of the Scythes' entire 1st Company, were wiped out to a man during the Battle of Miral by the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken.
  • Oberdeii - Oberdeii, known as the second Warden of the Pharos, was the first Chapter Master of the Third Founding Scythes of the Emperor Chapter. A veteran of both the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, he was chosen by his primarch, Roboute Guilliman, to stand watch as the commander of a phantom 11th Company over the mysterious Pharos artefact on the planet Sotha. Later, he would be approached by the Ultramarines to relieve him of his sworn duty, and to become the first Chapter Master of a newly formed Chapter during the Third Founding, becoming the first Chapter Master of the Scythes of the Emperor.

Silver Eagles

  • Periphas - Periphas currently serves as the Chapter Master of the Silver Eagles.

Silver Guard

Silver Skulls

  • Argentius - Argentius is the current lord commander (Chapter Master) of the Silver Skulls.

Sons of Dorn

  • Quintus Decius Alexandros, "Alexandros the Blind"' - Quintus Decius Alexandros is the current Chapter Master of the Sons of Dorn.

Sons of Orar

  • Alavaan - Alavaan is a renowned Veteran who received great honours during the Jorun Retaliation, and currently holds the command of the Sons of Orar. Under his skilled guidance, the Sons of Orar have earned a well deserved reputation for acts of heroism that are equally inspiring and terrifying to behold.

Space Wolves

  • Logan Grimnar - Logan Grimnar is the current Great Wolf of the Space Wolves and one of the most renowned Chapter Masters in the history of the Imperium. He has led the Space Wolves for over 700 standard years as the Great Wolf, often clashing with the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition for what he views as their dishonourable behaviour.
  • Sigvald Grimhammer (KIA) - Sigvald Grimhammer was Logan Grimnar's direct predecessor as the Great Wolf of the Chapter. The reigning Great Wolf was murdered upon the battlefields of Xor by a Dark Eldar Succubus. Wolf Priest Ulrik put Logan Grimnar's name forward as his successor. Despite many of his fellow Wolf Lords being many standard centuries older than him, amazingly there was no resistance to Logan's ascension, and when the runestones were counted every vote had been cast in Grimnar's favour.
  • Anakron Silvermane (KIA) - Anakron Silvermane was the reigning Great Wolf of the Space Wolves Chapter four centuries earlier (during the 500s.M41). His final stand took place nearly four Terran centuries ago on the world of Melkior where his command post came under a surprise assault by an Aeldari warhost. Logan Grimnar and Wolf Guard Pack Leader Hakon both participated in the battle.
  • Ulrik Grimfang - Ulrik Grimfang was the reigning Great Wolf during the Macharian Crusade era (392-399.M41). During this time, he was approached through his Chapter's connections to the Navigator House Belisarius to form an alliance with Lord Solar Macharius to lend their military and political support to the great Imperial commander's ongoing crusade. Wishing to cement his alliance with the Space Wolves, Macharius gifted the Chapter with an ancient artefact he believed to be the Fist of Russ. Unfortunately, the relic had been stolen by the insidious Dark Eldar. Once the Great Wolf learned this, he agreed to take part in the liberation of a beleaguered Imperial world in the Procrastes System that the Dark Eldar were currently ravaging. A Great Company of Space Wolves, under the command of Wolf Lord Logan Grimnar, were sent to Macharius to take part in the campaign. Ironically, the Space Wolves would have been more than willing to join Macharius' cause with the promise of glory and conquest and the reaping of souls for the Allfather, rather than extravagant gifts or backroom dealings, which were unnecessary to win their support. Ultimately, the so-called Fist was not the actual relic.
  • Fenrik Grimheart - Great Wolf Grimheart led the Space Wolves to victory in the Battle of Balinor, one of the Chapter's most renowned battles of the 38th Millennium.
  • Harald Stormwolf - Harald Stormwolf was the reigning Great Wolf during the Second Battle for The Fang in the 36th Millennium. He famously defended the Space Wolves' homeworld of Fenris from the invading forces of the Apostate Cardinal Bucharis during the bleak era known as the Plague of Unbelief. For three standard years the fanatical armies of Bucharis pounded upon the gates of The Fang. When they faced the final assault by Bucharis' forces, they were saved from certain death by the timely arrival of Wolf Lord Kyrl Grimblood and his Great Company, who smashed into the flanks of the enemy forces and decimated the invaders.
  • Oberik Kelman - The 23rd Great Wolf of the Space Wolves Chapter, Oberik Kelman was a famously temperamental man, given to terrifying rages when frustrated. A statue of him resides within The Fang's great Hall of Battles.
  • Arvek Hren Kjarlkskar - Arvek Hren Kjarlskar was the Great Wolf successor of Harek Ironhelm following his death during the First Battle of The Fang in the 32nd Millennium.
  • Harek Eireik "Ironhelm" Eireiksson (KIA) - Harek Eireik Eireksson was a Great Wolf of the Chapter during the 32nd Millennium. He was also known as "Ironhelm" due to the cybernetic implants he received within his skull. Throughout his years as Great Wolf, Harek became obsessed with hunting down Magnus the Red, for Magnus was able to escape him time and time again. Ultimately, Eireksson fell in battle against that Daemon Primarch during the final day of the First Battle of The Fang.
  • Bjorn the Fell-Handed - Bjorn the Fell-Handed is the oldest Venerable Dreadnought in the Imperium. Bjorn fought alongside Leman Russ during the Horus Heresy and was the only member of Russ' retinue left behind by the primarch when he disappeared. He became the first Great Wolf of the Chapter after Russ disappeared and led the Space Wolves on the first Great Hunt, the Chapter's epic but fruitless quest to find its lost primarch, and it was he who reluctantly gave the order to cease the hunt after he was mortally wounded within the Eye of Terror. He believes that Russ will one day return to their Chapter, and he plans on being there to meet the primarch in person.

Star Phantoms

  • Omadon Tiresias - Omadon Tiresias is the current Master (Chapter Master) of the Star Phantoms. He ordered the evacuation of his Chapter during the destruction of their homeworld of Haakoneth due to a massive Hrud migration. When the planet was engulfed in a massive vortex of spatial turbulence, Tiresias was blinded by a rogue time-eddy that speared the command deck of his ship.

Steel Confessors

  • Avonis - Avonis was the first Chapter Master of the Steel Confessors, secretly founded during the 36th Millennium's 19th Founding by the Adeptus Mechanicus for its own use from the gene-seed of the Iron Hands. Avonis was chosen by the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus to lead the new Space Marines after they were covertly created. Avonis was buried on the Chapter's now-devastated original homeworld of Kracsis IV, though his remains were later returned by the Chapter to its new homeworld of Kalevala where Avonis was laid to rest beside his successor, Chapter Master Protonus, who was slain defending Kracsis IV from the assault by Hive Fleet Behemoth that ultimately drove the Steel Confessors from that world. Chapter legends maintain that Avonis never died but is only in stasis until such time as his Chapter needs him once more.
  • Protonus - Protonus was the successor of Chapter Master Avonis. Protonus was killed during the valiant defence of Kracsis IV from the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745.M41. He would later be buried on Kalevala alongside the Steel Confessors' first Chapter Master, Avonis. The Steel Confessors' current Chapter Master is unknown.

Storm Wardens

  • Lorgath Maclir - Lorgath Maclir is the current ward-master (Chapter Master) of the Storm Wardens. He is known for excessively studying one of the supreme treatises of military strategy known as the Tactica Imperialis. Some even claim that he has memorised this vast tome of military knowledge in its entirety. If true, it would indeed be an impressive accomplishment, even amongst the Adeptus Astartes. Lorgath is an impressive strategist without peer who continuously challenges his captains with tactical exercises.
  • Owin Glendwyr - The Storm Wardens' former Chapter Master upon the conclusion of the Nemesis Incident five thousand standard years ago. Owin was placed in stasis soon after the incident in the Chapter's fortress-monastery on its homeworld of Sacris.

Storm Warriors

  • Calan - Former Chapter Master of the Storm Warriors. Wearied by a recent prolonged campaign and the losses incurred (two starships and 300 battle-brothers), the Storm Warriors were diverted at the last moment by a request to quell a rebellion on the world of Tesra IV. Calan was reluctant to have his Chapter get involved for fear of taking more needless casualties. With the arrival of Inquisitor Andrijssen and the forces tasked to him, this allowed Calan to accomplish his mission with no losses to the Imperial forces.


  • Marneus Augustus Calgar - Current Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, Lord Macragge, and Regent of Ultramar. Calgar is one of the most accomplished Chapter Masters within all of the Adeptus Astartes. His number of deeds and acts of valour fill twenty-eight volumes of Imperial records, a deed only surpassed by his Primarch Roboute Guilliman. With the recent resurrection of Guilliman in 999.M41, Calgar offered eternal fealty to his Chapter's primarch, and bequeathed full control of the Chapter to him in perpetuity. As a practical matter, Guilliman relies on Calgar to continue to lead the Ultrmarines in all day-to-day operations, and though Guilliman has retaken the title of Master of Ultramar, Calgar, and all future Ultramarines Chapter Masters, will be known as the Lord Defender of Greater Ultramar.
  • Ollonius - Ollonius led the Ultramarines Chapter in the early 36th Millennium. During that time, he received a fragmented Imperial distress call form Sylphis II. Faced with sparse intel on the nature of the threat, Ollonius had to maximise the flexibility of the Ultramarines' response. He therefore assembled a Gladius Strike Force. Command was given to 3rd Company Captain Calistes, supported by Chaplain Gaius. Drawing on available forces, the strike force incorporated a Battle Demi-company of the 3rd, three squads of 1st Company Terminators, three squads of 10th Company Scouts, and several tank squadrons under Techmarine Agmannus. Upon making planetfall on Sylphis II, Calistes and his men found the world beset by greenskins, but with each component of the strike force working in perfect concert, the Ultramarines were able to purge the world of its xenos invaders.
  • Agnathio - Agnathio was the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines during the 600s.M32. In 646.M32, he famously united over fifty leaders from other Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes and arrived upon Terra. Such a show of power and faith puts an end to the squabbling for the contentious seats of the High Lords of Terra that had consumed the differing factions since the lamentable events of The Beheading. In locked council with the mightiest of Mankind's warriors, such matters were quickly sorted. None knew exactly what was done or said, but when the Space Marines departed back to their far-scattered missions, there were once again twelve High Lords of Terra. If there was further dissension, none dared spoke it aloud.
  • Odaenathus - Odaenathus was the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines during the 32nd Millennium. He helped to lead his Chapter against the vast WAAAGH! of the Ork Warlord known as The Beast, during the War of the Beast in 544.M32. During the First Invasion of Ullanor, he led his Chapter in the invasion of the Ork capital of Gorkogrod on the world of Ullanor and confronted The Beast in his personal Gargant. However, he was easily killed by a single strike of the massive Ork Warlord's fists, and became the first Chapter Master to personally die at the greenskin leader's hands.
  • Marius Gage - Marius Gage, known as the "First Master", was the Terran-born First Chapter Master of the Ultramarines Legion's elite 1st Chapter, Master Primus of the XIII Legion and Equerry to Primarch Roboute Guilliman during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. Upon Guilliman's death at the Battle of Thessala and subsequent internment in the Shrine of the Primarch in 121.M31, Marius Gage assumed the burden of command and took on the duties of the Ultramarines Chapter Master.

Void Tridents

  • Theodro Vethrus - Theodro Venthrus is the lord commodore (Chapter Master) of the Void Tridents. The Void Tridents are experts in starship boarding actions and ship-to-ship warfare, though under the command of Lord Commodore Theodro Vethrus, they have also proven themselves to be expert at planetary assaults.

Vorpal Swords

  • Konvak Lann - Konvak Lann was the Chapter Master of the Vorpal Swords at the time of the Abyssal Crusade in the 37th Millennium. Almost 800 standard years after the Abyssal Crusade began, the remnants of some of The Judged returned from the Warp in 112.M38, having purged more than 400 worlds within the Eye of Terror. With the testimony of Konvak Lann, the Master of the Vorpal Swords Chapter, revealed him as a false idol, guilty of sending innocents into the jaws of damnation in the service of the Dark Gods. The Vorpal Swords led the other survivors of the Crusade, blazing with righteous anger, to penetrate the defences of Basillius' palace. They found the unaccountably ancient saint and finally revealed Basillius' true nature as an apostle of Chaos.

White Consuls

  • Cymar Xydias and Titus Valens - The White Consuls are unusual among the Astartes in that they have two Chapter Masters instead of the prerequisite one; one leads the Chapter in its duties guarding the Eye of Terror, whilst the other resides on the Chapter's homeworld of Sabbatine. Titus is the battlemaster, excelling in leading his ground troops against the enemy whilst Cymar Xydius is cunning and handles strategic command and planetary diplomacy.

White Panthers

  • Jorus Shadowmaw (KIA) - The White Panthers' Chapter Master Jorus Shadowmaw was killed in action whilst putting down a rebellion in the Dynathi Cluster in 998.M41.

White Scars

  • Jubal Khan - Jubal Khan is the current great khan (Chapter Master) of the White Scars. He has fought countless xenos and untold numbers of battles and campaigns throughout the Imperium. One of his most notable exploits occurred during the Jopal Uprising. Leading the First Brotherhood in several lightning raids against the enemy's supply and communication lines, they caused such devastation that the enemy forces had no choice but to divert large numbers of troops to deal with the White Scars, allowing the Astra Militarum to batter through the weakened front lines, effectively ending the insurrection. Jubal Khan also led his Chapter in the Third War for Armageddon, where the White Scars operated primarily on both the world of Armageddon and on other surrounding Ork-held worlds. They were successful at disrupting the Orks and holding back the greenskins' assaults, allowing Imperial garrisons time to better prepare.
  • Kyublai Khan - Great Khan Kyublai, Jubal's predecessor, vanished while fighting against the Aeldari in 943.M41.

Notable Renegade Chapter Masters

The following is a list of notable Renegade Chapters Masters that currently command those Adeptus Astartes Chapters that have been declared Excommunicate Traitoris:

Astral Claws

  • Lufgt Huron (known as Huron Blackheart following the Badab War) - Huron was the brilliant, ambitious and power-hungry Chapter Master of the Astral Claws, whose hubris led to the bloody internecine conflict known as the Badab War and his Chapter's eventual fall from grace. It was originally assumed that he had died during the final assault on Badab Primaris in the closing days of the Badab War after taking a Melta Gun blast to the whole right side of his body. But Imperial authorities were unable to confirm this as his body was never found. Reborn as the infamous Chaos Lord Huron Blackheart, he now leads the Renegade Space Marine warband called the Red Corsairs, launching raids against the Imperium from the hellish region of space known as the Maelstrom.
  • Acas Seneca (KIA) - Former Chapter Master of the Astral Claws, he met his end at the close of the 39th Millennium when the Executioners' twin Chapter worlds of Stygia and Aquilon came under siege from the nightmarish Slaugth. Many Astral Claws died breaking the siege, including Chapter Master Acas Seneca.

Blood Gorgons

  • Gammadin - The first Chapter Master or Khorsaad of the Blood Gorgons, Gammadin led his Chapter into damnation and eventually became its Chaos Lord. The Blood Gorgons, who value their freedom and independence above all else, refuse to swear allegiance to any patron Chaos God, preferring to serve Chaos in general in the form of Chaos Undivided. It was recorded in the Chapter's history that it was Gammadin who had first begun to experiment in daemonology and the Chaos rituals that would form the core of all later Blood Gorgons custom before the Chapter turned Renegade. Using Gammadin's knowledge of arcane lore, the dark Rituals of Binding were first implemented.

Crimson Slaughter

  • Kranon the Relentless - Once known as Sevastus Kranon, Kranon the Relentless is the current Chapter Master and Chaos Lord of the Crimson Slaughter warband of Chaos Space Marines. Kranon was known to be militant and brutal even during the days when he was still a loyal servant to the Emperor as the Chapter Master of the Crimson Sabres Chapter. Upon leading his warband into self-imposed exile in the Eye of Terror, Sevastus was corrupted by the Ruinous Powers of Chaos. Renaming himself Kranon the Relentless, he has driven himself to commit more and more bloody and vile acts in an attempt to silent the maddening voices that plague him, the result of a "gift" from the Blood God Khorne.
  • Drabek - Drabek was Chapter Master of the Crimson Sabres sometime during the 39th Millennium. Despite the heroics and their many instances of sacrifice, then Chapter Master Drabek became increasingly convinced that the reputation of his Chapter was in question. To those on far-off Terra, this was not the case –- for the Crimson Sabres were amongst the most highly decorated forces that participated in the campaigns in the Segmentum Tempestus. To those who fought alongside them, however, Drabek's assessment was accurate. Many allies were growing frustrated with the highly critical and overly suspicious nature of the Crimson Sabres Chapter.
  • Arnoc - Arnoc assumed command of the Crimson Sabres upon the death of Nigellus in 599.M38. Arnoch succeeded Nigellus as Chapter Master of the Crimson Sabres, but the new traditions he had established lived on. If anything, the Chapter became yet more fervent and exacting in its strict adherence to orders. Arnoch became known as the Intransigent –- a title that would be used to describe all the Chapter Masters that followed. In one of his first acts, Arnoch the Intransigent sought to further banish their hidden past, wary of how others might judge the Chapter. He made the decision to seal all entrances to the Sanctum of the Sword, located within the Chapter's fortress-monastery. Not only did it lock away evidence of a perceived imperfection, but it was also his declaration that the past was over and a new era begun.
  • Nigellus (KIA) - Nigellus was the Chapter Master of the then-Loyalist Crimson Sabres in the mid-38th Millennium. When the Crimson Sabres received words of censure from Terra for their actions during the Amalgamathian Schism for breaching unspoken protocol, Nigellus was determined to shed his Chapter's growing self-doubt and make a statement. In a bold move, he declared the Crimson Sabres would sever all ties to their brother Space Marine Chapters, including their founders. They would be loyal to the tactical guidelines laid out by the Codex Astartes and follow uncompromisingly all orders as issued by the High Lords of Terra. To all others, they would be unanswerable. In this action, he sought to free the Crimson Sabres from faulty judgement and therefore all reproach. When self-doubt began to gnaw at many within the Chapter, Nigellus ordered to scrub clean all evidence of their forebears and the Chapter's full history was locked away. Years later, while suppressing a rebellion over the Hive World of Fornstadt, the Crimson Sabres become embroiled in a brutal clash with Chaos Cultists. Master Nigellus was slain in his 112th year as Chapter Master -– his last action was to expose the source of the rebellion, which rested with the Alpha Legion.


  • Artekus Bardane - The final Chapter Master of the Relictors. When the call for aid came from the beleaguered Hive World of Armageddon, the Relictors mobilised their entire Chapter and set off to serve in the system-spanning conflict. Artekus ordered his captains to gather their warriors, and the entire Chapter journeyed to this war-torn world. Artekus led his men deep into the heart of the Equatorial Jungle, where he believed the greatest potential lay for the study of Chaos, given that the cursed Monolith of Angron, the Daemon Primarch of the World Eaters Traitor Legion lay there. When the war on Armageddon drew to a close, the Librarians of the Relictors claimed to have had visions of a giant eye, dripping with blood, and Artekus immediately withdrew his Chapter from the warzone. Following the Conclave's vision, he began the journey towards the Eye of Terror, where his Chapter participated in the 13th Black Crusade and ultimately was declared "Extremis Diabolus."

Sons of Malice

  • Kathal - Once the Captain of the Sons of Malice's elite 1st Company, Kathal was granted the honour of leading the Chapter in its victory rites after the successful Cilix 225 Campaign. It was these rights that led the Inquisitor Pietas to declare the Sons of Malice Heretics and ultimately to her death at the hands of the Chapter. It was Kathal who ritually sacrificed the intruding Inquisitor and ate her remains alongside his battle-brothers before they turned Renegade and found a new home in the service of Malice. After the disappearance of the Chapter Master Ba'kel Draak, Kathal replaced him as the Sons of Malice's new and current Chapter Master, known within the Chapter by the title of "anarch."

Soul Drinkerrs

  • Sarpedon - Sarpedon was the former Chief Librarian and the last Chapter Master of the now extinct Renegade Soul Drinkers Chapter. Sarpedon's lower torso had mutated into the shape of eight arachnid legs, after he and the rest of his Chapter were tricked into a brief pact with the Chaos God Tzeentch. However, the Soul Drinkers remained loyal to the Emperor of Mankind until the end.
  • Gorgoleon - Gorgoleon was the former Chapter Master of the Soul Drinkers before Sarpedon claimed the office from him. He saw the actions of Librarian Sarpedon and his men against the Adeptus Mechanicus, the incident that precipitated the Soul Drinkers' eventual Renegade status, as being at fault, due to their responsibility for the Chapter's excommunication from the Imperium. Sarpedon challenged Gorgoleon for the right of leadership of the Chapter and its future fate as a Renegade Chapter. Gorgoleon nearly defeated Sarpedon, but the Librarian emerged victorious thanks to the timely intervention of the Ruinous Powers, who granted him an arachnoid mutation that imbued him with the power to overcome and kill Gorgoleon.
  • Argurath - Argurath was the Chapter Master of the Soul Drinkers during the Age of Apostasy in the 36th Millennium and was present during the Second Siege of the Imperial Palace where the Soul Drinkers, Black Templars, Imperial Fists, and Fire Hawks fought to depose the insane High Lord Goge Vandire and end the Reign of Blood.

Wolf Brothers

  • Beor Arjac Grimmaesson - Beor was the first and only Great Wolf of the Wolf Brothers, the only known Second Founding Successor Chapter of Space Marines created from the gene-seed of the Space Wolves Legion. The Chapter was eventually forcibly disbanded by the Inquisition as a result of the rampant genetic instability and resulting mutation that appeared in the Chapter's battle-brothers. This instability may have been the "Wulfen" gene that manifests itself at times in the Space Wolves themselves.


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