An Icon of Wrath dedicated to Khorne

A Chaos Icon is an icon, banner, or standard carried into battle by the Chaos Space Marines and other servants of the Chaos Gods that act as a magnet for the powers of the Warp, granting them enhanced abilities in combat.

Icon of Wrath

Sacred to the Blood God Khorne, the red-hot curses of the Lord of Murder resound in the minds of those in the shadow of this Chaos Icon, compelling them to hurl themselves into the fray with wild abandon.

Icon of Flame

Sacred to the Lord of Change Tzeentch, coruscating energies surround this Chaos Icon, swathing the weapons of the devout with mutagenic flames.

Icon of Despair

A sacred artefact of the Plague Lord Nurgle, this Chaos Icon is surrounded by a miasma of disease and hopelessness, turning the thoughts of any nearby foes to the grisly and inevitable deaths that await them, badly damaging their morale.

Icon of Excess

Dedicated to Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure, depravity hangs about this Chaos Icon like cloying musk, driving those below it into an orgy of sensation-seeking that can only be halted by the total physical destruction of their bodies.

Icon of Vengeance

A Chaos Icon dedicated to the energies of Chaos Undivided, these aretfacts shine brightly in the Empyrean, gathering the malefic energies of Chaos to those who bear them and spurring them on to acts of suicidal bravery in their quest to seize victory in the Long War from the slavish minions of the Corpse-God.


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