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A Chaos Beast with a Chaos Space Marine for size comparison.

A Chaos Beast is a horrific, Daemon-possessed mutant monstrosity sometimes deployed by the forces of Chaos.

Many horrors too foul to name are born on the Daemon Worlds of the Eye of Terror and within other Warp rifts.

They are foul abominations of Chaos, creatures taken by the Dark Gods and corrupted for the god's entertainment or possessed by ravenous Daemons eager to experience the savage joys of spreading carnage through realspace.

Tormented and driven insane by its new hideous form, its soul governed by the base desires of the Daemon within, the Chaos Beast seeks only to kill before being slain in its turn.

Chaos Beasts come in many forms, but each is a creature of muscle, sinew, fangs and claws, with only one thought driving it, to charge headlong into the enemy, tearing and goring a bloody path across the battlefield.

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