Castigator DG Battle

A House Makabius Cerastus Knight-Castigator supporting Death Guard Traitor Marines during the Horus Heresy

The Cerastus Knight-Castigator is a pattern of Imperial Knight armoured walker that is armed with the fearsome Castigator-Pattern Bolt Cannon as its primary weapon. The Cerastus Knight-Castigator is favoured by those Knight Households faced with hordes of lesser foes that might otherwise overwhelm even a mighty Knight through sheer numbers.

Capable of obliterating infantry formations in a thunderous rain of mass-reactive explosions and whirling Tempest Warblade, or carving apart light vehicles with ease, the Castigator is a formidable opponent.


Cerastus Knight-Castigator Orhlacc

A Cerastus Knight-Castigator of House Orhlacc

The Cerastus Knight-Castigator is a favoured Knight pattern by those households who are often faced by an overwhelming number of the enemy. Armed with the fearsome Castigator-Pattern Bolt Cannon, the Cerastus Knight-Castigator is capable of annihilating infantry formations and light vehicles with it's twin-linked main weapon in a hail of gunfire, or carving apart enemy armour with it's formidable power weapon, the Tempest Warblade.

Notably amongst their ilk, the Castigator is also renowned for the stoic nature of their machine spirits within, whose vigour is difficult to rouse, but almost impossible to ignore. Castigator mark armours are often claimed by a Household's more venerable scions, those warriors of proven mettle who can be relied on to hold the line, conserve their limited stock of ammunition and support their more vainglorious kin, often forming the core of any Household's Arbalester order. Some younger scions are also drawn to the Castigator, glorying in the armour's deafening firepower and elegant warblade strikes, though such scions rarely deign to act as mere support units.

Unit Composition

  • 1 Cerastus Knight-Castigator


Optional Wargear

  • Occular Augmetics - An upgrade to the Knight's Occular sensors enabling a far greater degree of visual input during low-light conditions, such as night fighting.


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