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A Centurion was the generalised term given to the rank held by a senior Astartes line officer of the Space Marine Legions that was in use during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras in the late 30th and early 31st Millennia. A Centurion served as a battle commander middle-tier line officer, as well as taking on more specialised functions which helped give an Astartes Legion its unusual operational depth and strategic flexibility. The actual name of the rank could vary from Legion to Legion, depending on its particular culture and traditions.


The ancient Legiones Astartes were composed of tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of Space Marines. As such, each Legion required a substantial core of leaders, champions and line officers. Whether one of these officers, generally called Consuls, were actually a  Captain who commanded a company composed of a thousand or more Legionaries on campaign, or a Shield-Lieutenant given charge of a boarding party in a savage void battle, to have risen through the ranks of their Legion meant that they had already demonstrated their worth in the bloody fire of conflict.


Legion Champ & Master of Sig

Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children Legion Champion and a Master of Signal

The term Centurion was often used to represent one of the specialist officers of the Space Marine Legions, who were collectively referred to as Consuls, although this covered many different ranks and specialties such as the Chaplains, Fleet-Captains, Blood Chieftains, Vigilators, Legates and even the psykers who became Librarians. The following are the most common examples of officers of what would be considered Centurion rank found in the forces of the Great Crusade, although many others existed in particular Legions:

  • Chaplain
  • Legion Champion - A Legion Champion’s sworn task was to hunt down and slay the commanders and heroes of an enemy force in single combat. Armed with the finest weapons available, these deadly warriors embodied the honour of their Legion.
  • Librarian
  • Master of Signal - A Master of Signal was commonly attached to the forward elements of a Space Marine assault, providing communications support across the wider warzone, and was capable of calling down a pinpoint bombardment from either orbiting fleet assets or static artillery positions nearby, engulfing the foes of Mankind in flaming destruction.
  • Moritat
  • Vigilator


Optional Wargear (For Centurion Terminators)

Optional Wargear


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