Censure is the fifteenth audio drama for the Horus Heresy Series that was not originally released as part of an anthology or other release. Censure was published online in July 2013 by the Black Library as an audio CD. The audio drama was later republished in prose format as an e-book and as an enhanced audio book. The title was also published as part of the Legacies of Betrayal main series anthology novel.

Official Synopsis

In the depths of Calth's arcology network, the Underworld War has raged for years. Aeonid Thiel, previously an honoured Sergeant of the Ultramarines, once again finds himself in trouble pitted against the daemonic forces of the Word Bearers Legion. He has no choice but to venture back to the ravaged surface and brave the deadly solar flares that have scoured all life from this world. With a lowly Imperial Army trooper as his only companion, it falls to him to drive the maniacal Dark Apostle Kurtha Sedd and his warband from the overrun XIII Legion stronghold.


  • Censure (Audio Drama) by Nick Kyme
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