Grimaldus08 main

High Chaplain Grimaldus of the Black Templars and his retinue of 3 Cenobyte Servitors.

A Cenobyte Servitor, also spelled "Cenobite Servitor" in some older sources, is a specialised cybernetic Servitor that assists the Chaplains of the Black Templars Chapter in their holy duties. Marching in the shadow of the Chaplain, they are used for carrying relics into battle, intoning prayers of worship to the God-Emperor, and bolstering the faith of nearby Battle-Brothers.

They often carry equipment, repair technology, and operate basic interfaces on Black Templars vessels and vehicles. They are considered a symbol of the Chapter's faith, as a Black Templars Battle-Brother can gain the service of such a Servitor as a symbol of status and trust from his peers.

It is known that the neophytes of the Black Templars who fail in their duty are often punished by being transformed into Cenobyte Servitors.

Unit Composition

  • 3 Cenobyte Servitors


  • Close combat weapon (any type)



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