The Forces of Chaos are the archetypal opponents of the forces of the Imperium of Man, and this is apparent in their warships. Chaos warships are generally faster than their Imperial counterparts and armed with longer range Lances and macrobatteries. However they lack armoured prows and many torpedoes, relying on Attack Craft instead. In combat, Chaotic starships seek to stand clear of the gun range of their opposition, trying to pound them as long as possible with their longer reach and Attack Craft before closing. In some cases (the Idolator-class and Slaughter-class being two examples) this is not possible, in which case the ships use their superior speed to close fast before the enemy is aware of them. One thing to keep in mind when using these
ships is what their motivation is. Chaos ships might be opportunistic pirates, or they might be part of an organised force. Their motivations determine what level of opposition they will take on, and how much damage they take before they attempt to flee (if they flee at all).

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