Castellan Axe

A Custodian Castellan Axe

A Castellan Axe is a variant of the Guardian Spear, the signature weapon of the Adeptus Custodes, that incorporates a heavier, axe-like blade rather than a speartip. These weapons lend themselves to an elegant and brutal combat style that sees the wielder use their exceptional transhuman strength in conjunction with their axe's momentum, launching thunderous sweeps that switch direction with breathtaking suddenness to cleave through their victims' guard and hack off heads and limbs.

The wielder can also fire concentrated volleys of Bolter fire from the hafts of their weapons, scything down those who attempt to stay out of their blades' devastating reach. These deadly weapons are typically wielded by veteran Custodian Wardens, elite Allarus Custodians or Shield-Captains.

Notable Castellan Axes

  • Watcher's Axe - This master-crafted artefact weapon was fashioned in the wake of Constantin Valdor's disappearance and is traditionally passed on to each new Captain-General ever since. Watcher's Axe is a huge polearm blade that crackles with golden lightning and can bisect the sarcophagus of a Chaos Helbrute with a single swing. The axe's haft incorporates a master-crafted Bolter weapon known as the Eagle's Scream, which fires adamantium-tipped penetrator bolts at a ferocious rate.


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