A Carnodon unleashed upon a group of prospective Space Marine Aspirants

A Carnodon is a large species of mammalian felinoid native to the world of Gudrun within the Helican Sub-sector that is very similar to the ancient prehistoric sabretooth tiger of Terra's Pleistocene epoch. It is between 5 and 6 metres long (approximately 20 feet) and can grow to be 800 to 900 kilograms (about 2000 pounds) in weight once it reaches adulthood. Its hide is striped like a Terran tiger and large tusks protrude from its maw. Carnodons are fierce and deadly predators, and one is easily capable of bringing down a human. A Carnodon is able to resist the cuts of blades or even more advanced weaponry due to its thick hide.

Its name is composed of the Latin words carne meaning "flesh" and odon meaning "tooth". Little else is known about the species, though they are not considered to be an obscure animal species within the human-settled galaxy, and examples can be found in zoos and nature preserves on many settled Imperial worlds.

Known Carnodons

  • The Gershome Carnodon - This Carnodon was an old and sick member of the species that had escaped from a zoo on the world of Gershome. A Carnodon near the end of its life expectancy, this animal preyed upon the weakest and most infirm of the population of the city of Tycho before it was finally brought down by an officer of the planet's Magistratum. After its death, the corpse weighed only 600 kilograms and the animal was riddled with the signs of old age and infirmity, including a poor coat of fur and tooth decay.
  • The Glaw Arena Carnodons - Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn and his retinue of Acolytes faced and slew two Carnodons when they were captured and forced to fight the creatures in an arena following their failed raid on the House of Glaw on the world of Gudrun. During the battle, then-Interrogator Heldane had his face forever scarred after he was brutally mauled by one of the Carnodons that he later killed. The other Carnodon was slain by the nobleman Urisel Glaw when it broke free of the arena and began to slaughter spectators in the midst of Eisenhorn's escape.
  • The Ice Stalker - Sanguinius' first kill during the pacification of Teghar Pentarus, the Ice Stalker was described as being a far larger version of ancient Terra's extinct snow leopard. The pacification of Tegar Pentarus was the first battle Sangunius fought after being reunited with the Emperor and the pelt of the beast was fashioned into a ceremonial war cloak for the Primarch, which he is often depicted sporting in various art works of the primarch.


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