Carmyn is a planet found within the Jericho Reach. Indeed, it was classed by the astro-cartographers of the Administratum as a Pleasure World, a classification that can have many different meanings.

In the case of Carmyn, the world has gained this designation because it is utilised by the high command of the Achilus Crusade as a retreat from the horrors of war and the stresses of high-level command.

It is only the most privileged of Lord Militant Solomon Tetrarchus' staff that are even aware of the world's existence, and aside from the entire corps of serviles assigned to wait on the officers' every need, no common soldier knows of the place's existence.

The surface of Carmyn is as close to paradise as can be found on any world in the Jericho Reach, with unspoiled forests, pristine oceans teeming with life and glorious mountain ranges soaring kilometres into the azure skies.

The Imperial presence is limited to a number of small retreat settlements, each consisting of perfectly landscaped arbours. The thousands of staff who wait upon the generals and marshals who use these facilities are quartered in vast underground barracks, so that their presence does not ruin the perfect vistas.

Unbeknown to the Imperium however, a Slaaneshi Chaos Cult has taken hold in the lowest reaches of the menials' quarters, and is slowly working its way through the ranks.

At some point, its vile doctrines will threaten the very highest levels of the crusade's command echelons. Should this happen, the Imperium's entire enterprise in the Jericho Reach could well be brought to its knees in a single stroke.


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