Adeptus mecanics

The Cog Mechanicum

The Cant Mechanicus refers to the number of strange dialects spoken by the Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus that blend the machine tongue with those of the wider human race. These include binharic cant, Lingua-technis, hexamathic code, noospheric bleed and Novabyte, amongst many others. Few outside the Adeptus Mechanicus can comprehend these tongues, let alone reproduce them.

Many Tech-priests have their jaws and throats altered, the better to speak languages that were designed only for Cogitators to use. Furthermore, each language is replete with internal self-references and allusions to knowledge that remains unknown to those outside the order. Their use is forbidden by any not of the Cult Mechanicus.

A lot of these languages have words and even entire grammatical structures missing, eroded by the entropy of millennia or corrupted by scrapcode. They are sourced and re-imagined from alphabets, lexicons and tongues throughout human history into an omnibet that only the Tech-priests truly understand.

This meta-language is the root of the sigils and icons that adorn the warriors and war machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus. More than that, it is the foundation of the battle cant they chant to empower their minions in times of war.

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