Calderis is a Feudal World in the Sub-sector Aurelia of the Korianis Sector known for its arid climate and hardy warriors. The Blood Ravens Space Marines Chapter have recruited from this world for millennia. An Imperial Planetary Governor oversees the planet from a space station in orbit. Calderis is one of the three planets that serve as the setting for the PC game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II.

Following the Exterminatus delivered to Cyrene, the Blood Ravens were in need of a new world to glean recruits from. Calderis would prove to be the solution. The planet was a great source of hardy warriors, many eager to fight in service to the Emperor. The existence of temples and weapons manufacturers on the planet made it appear all the more obvious that Calderis was suited to be the successor for the old recruiting world. Following the devastating losses sustained during the Kauvara campaign, this very world's continued existence would be the only chance that the Blood Ravens might sustain themselves.

During the events of Dawn of War II, Calderis was ravaged by a plethora of problems. First came an Ork WAAAGH! led by a Goffs Ork Warboss named Gutrencha. As this world was crucial to the Blood Ravens, the Orks couldn't be allowed to live. No sooner had the Orks been cleared off that a new, more potent threat arrived- a Tyranid invasion that may have been averted by Eldar planning had the Blood Ravens ceased interfering. The casualties were considerable and, during the assault, Captain Davian Thule suffered a considerably potent (and poisonous) attack from a Tyranid Warrior.


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