Ork Brute Ram Ship

An Ork Brute Ram Ship.

The Ork Brute Ram Ship is a curious vessel and possibly the single most characteristically Orkish spacecraft in existence.

It is fitted with engines and manoeuvring thrusters that are far superior to the Orkish norm.

But these engines are not intended to make the Brute better in a fight, but to allow it to line up with a victim vessel and then ram it.


An Ork Brute Ram Ship.

The Brute's armoured beak, festooned with rotary blades and drills, is a terrifying weapon when slammed into an enemy voidship at maximum thrust, allowing this escort-sized ship to badly damage even a much larger and more powerful capital ship.

In combat, Brutes manoeuvre to try to reach a position where they can charge an enemy ship and burst it apart with a single impact.


  • Hull: Approximately 1.1 kilometres long, 0.5 kilometeres wide
  • Class: Ork "Ram Ship"
  • Mass: Approximately 6.5 megatonnes
  • Crew: Unknown
  • Acceleration: 3-5 gravities acceleration


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