A Bruennhilde tow vehicle

The Bruennhilde is one of dozens of variants of the Land Crawler utility vehicle commonly found on Imperial Agri-Worlds. The Standard Template Construct (STC) templates for the manufacture of the Land Crawler, along with the Land Raider and Land Speeder were rediscovered at the beginning of the Age of the Imperium in the late 30th Millennium by Mechanicum Magos Arkhan Land, who discovered them deep within the Librarius Omnis on Mars. Unlike the Siegfried variant of the Land Crawler, which was developed on Krieg during that world's 500-year-long civil war, the Bruennhilde was used by the regiments of the Death Korps of Krieg before the war as a light armoured transport. The Bruennhilde is used at present by many siege regiments as an excellent substitute artillery piece tow vehicle when the Centaur is not available. The vehicle is only armed with a single Heavy Stubber and thus is extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks.


During the 500-year-long civil war on Krieg the Bruennhilde was used to transport artillery weapons such as the Blitzen AA Gun, the Thudd Gun, Rapier Laser Destroyer, and the Gotterdammerung Howitzer to their places behind the lines.

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