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The Bringers of Judgement are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter and a successor of the Dark Angels, created during an unknown Founding.

Chapter History

Bringers of Judgement Chapter Colour Scheme and Chapter badge as displayed by a Primaris Marine.

The Bringers of Judgment are possessed of a fanatical zeal that gives the other Unforgiven Chapters pause. When they encounter rebellion, they deem the entire world guilty. In their view, weakness in even one citizen indicates weakness in the entire population, and the punishment for weakness is death.

The many atrocities they have committed have drawn the ire of the Inquisition, though this has not dissuaded them from their genocidal course of conduct.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Bringers of Judgement primarily wear white power armour with gold as a secondary colour on their helms, shoulder pauldrons, vambraces and gauntlets. The Aquila or Imperialis worn on the chest guard is also gold.

The Bringers of Judgment are known to decorate their greaves and sabatons with golden flame iconography, representing their fiery and zealous nature.

The black squad tactical specialty symbol -- battleline, fire support, close support, Veteran or command -- is indicated on the right shoulder pauldron. A red coloured lozenge (diamond) is centred upon the squad specialty symbol while a white High Gothic numeral is prominently displayed upon it.

The left shoulder pauldron displays the Chapter's iconography.

It is unknown how the Bringers of Judgement indicate a battle-brother's company assignment.

Chapter Badge

The Bringers of Judgement's Chapter badge consists of a black scale centred upon a field of gold. This symbol represents the Chapter's mission to balance the scales of justice and render their unforgiving retribution upon those whom stray from the light of the Emperor.


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