A Plague Marine of the Bringers of Decay dedicated to the service of Nurgle

The Bringers of Decay are a special formation of Chaos Space Marines found within the Black Legion who are wholly dedicated to the service of the Chaos God Nurgle.

The Plague God has a strong following within the Black Legion; his putrid touch is evident throughout the ranks of its warriors. Under the dominance of the Chosen of Abaddon lieutenant Skyrak Slaughterborn, the current Lord Corruptor of the Legion, the Nurglites have converted many to their cause.

In battle, the Bringers of Decay are Abaddon the Despoiler's plague carriers and heralds of contagion, often appearing before other warbands of the Legion on the field to sow infection and sickness. This could also be why many other warbands of the Black Legion will have little to do with the Bringers of Decay, repelled by the blessings of the Plague God they bear, and the pervasive stench that follows them.


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