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The Brazen Consuls is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter and successor of the Ultramarines of unknown Founding.

Hailing from the rich world of Aventinium, the Brazen Consuls recruit solely from the world's nobility. Such is these people's wealth that they commit their scions to training for the Chapter from birth.

Thus, Brazen Consuls aspirants are already expert fencers and precision marksmen by the time they compete to join the Chapter.

They are as finely disciplined and learned in strategic wisdom and solitary survival as they are in the complex etiquettes of the banqueting hall.

Chapter History

Brazen Consuls Chapter Colour Scheme and Chapter badge as displayed by a Primaris Marine.

Notable Campaigns

  • Third War for Damnos (Unknown Date.M42) - The Third War for Damnos began when an invasion force of the Necron Szarekhan Dynasty descended upon Damnos during the Era Indomitus. The world sent out a plea for aid once more to the Ultramarines, who at that time were engaged in a number of major conflicts of the era, including the Indomitus Crusade, the Plague Wars and the War of Beasts. With most of their strength utilised elsewhere, the Chapter had few Astartes to spare to help the besieged world. Nonetheless, the Chapter had given too much previously in Damnos' defence to abandon it and a small strike force of Ultramarines and several regiments of the Ultramar Auxilia were sent to aid it. The Chapter knew that the forces that had been deployed to Damnos would be insufficient to defeat the Necrons and so requested aid from their allies in different Chapters. Their requests were answered and when the Ultramarines arrived at Damnos they were joined by contingents from several Successor Chapters, including the Iron Hounds, Brazen Consuls and Libators. The combined might of these Adeptus Astartes, however, was not enough to defeat the invading Szarekhan Dynasty, whose forces were numberless. This was due to the undying xenos arriving in their thousands by Tomb Ships and through a Dolmen Gate to ensure they reconquered Damnos. When the Mandeville Point for the Damnos System once again flared as it opened to the Warp, the Ultramarines feared that another foe was about to join conflict, but instead it marked the arrival of reinforcements sent by the Salamanders and White Scars Chapters. They had received the Ultramarines' request for aid and proceeded to join the battle to retake Damnos once more for the Emperor from the Szarekhan Dynasty.

Notable Brazen Consuls

  • Constantius Remus Severinus (KIA) - Severinus was a battle-brother of the Brazen Consuls 6th Company, 3rd Squad. He was killed in action on the tenth solar day of the Halaheim Reclamation during the Third War for Damnos. Severinus saved seven brothers from a Wraith ambush before his death.
  • Thysor - Thysor is a Brazen Consuls Venerable Dreadnought who served in the Brazen Consuls' 6th Company. He is among the Chapter's forces taking part in the Third War for Damnos.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Brazen Consuls primarily wear brown power armour with a black helmet. The Aquila or Imperialis on the chest is white, as is the four pointed star placed on the centre of the helmet. The shoulder plate trim is black.

The black squad specialty symbol -- battleline, close support, fire support, Veteran or command -- is indicated on the right shoulder plate.

Chapter Badge

The Brazen Consuls' Chapter badge is a black skull with a white, four-pointed star on the forehead.


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