Bork'an Sept Symbol

Sept Symbol of Bork'an

Bork'an is one of the major colony star systems, or Septs, of the Tau Empire. It is a centre of learning and academia, and is the home of many of the Tau's universities and scientific research facilities. A high percentage of the Tau Earth Caste come from this world. The Sept colour of Bork'an is jade green, which in Tau culture has come to symbolise practicality. The system has suffered from two major Ork invasions, both of which were ultimately repulsed in defence of the Greater Good.


In 893.M37, the Poctroon became the first sentient race to join the Tau Empire, although within a few generations, disease destroyed their indigenous population. The Tau, whose physiology is fortunately immune to the plague, inherit the Poctroon homeworld, turning it into the prime world of what will become Bork'an Sept. The Nicassar become the first race to join the Tau Empire and survive long enough to tell about it.

Recently, Bork'an suffered an assault by the elite forces of the Militarum Tempestus in the form of the 196th Iotan Gryphonnes. The Tempestus Scions were deployed in their entirety by the Ordo Tempestus to the Tau Sept World to wipe out every scientist, researcher and student. If they succeeded in their objective, this would greatly affect the Tau Empire's ability to mass produce prototype weapons and deadly Battlesuits. Though their initial strike was promising, the Tau's vicious counterattack, spearheaded by experimental Battlesuits and prototype weaponry, quickly overwhelmed the attacking Scions and virtually annihilated the 196th Iotan Gryphonnes. The Earth Caste scientist made good their escape during the battle, putting them out of reach of their would-be assassins. The few surviving Scions requested to be extracted, however, their repeated requests were denied, and soon they were systematically hunted down by Bork'an's vengeful Fire Warriors.

Notable Bork'an Sept Tau

  • Commander Quickstrike - Commander Quickstrike is a hero of the Bork'an Sept, whose teachings are still used by the Fire Caste academies.


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