"My music is the pillar upon which whole worlds are created"


An Eldar Bonesinger of the IL-Kaithe Craftworld

Bonesingers are the engineers and craftsmen of the Eldar, the builders and maintainers of their weapons, tools and the Craftworlds themselves. These powerful xenos psykers are gifted in the arts of construction using the solidified power of the Warp. They use their telepathic ability to summon or psychically generate the solidified substance of the Immaterium the Eldar call Wraithbone, which they construct into buildings or tools and use to repair the Eldar's vehicles, weapons and armour. Like all of their kind, the Bonesingers are following one of the many Paths of the Eldar that determines their current focus and purpose in life, in this case one variant of the Path of the Seer. During his or her time on the Path of the Seer, the Bonesinger is tasked with the construction and maintenance of Eldar structures, weapons and machinery. They do this through the psychic manipulation of Wraithbone, shaping and moulding it into various items, with the typical Eldar concern that the item be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. While Wraithbone is capable of naturally repairing itself over time, the process can be greatly enhanced by the psychic abilities of a Bonesinger. Bonesingers of the IL-Kaithe Craftworld are said to be the most skilled of the Eldar Bonesingers, able to practice their art even in the heat of battle.


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