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"Give bloody praise to the Skull Throne!"

— Blood Disciples Warcry

The Blood Disciples are a warband of Chaos Space Marines who were once the 8th Company of the Emperor's Wolves Chapter of Loyalist Space Marines.

Warband History

Blood Disciples Warband Colour Scheme displayed on Balthor the Neverquenched, whose flesh is molten gore.

In 888.M37, the Emperor's Tarot indicated a Chaos threat from the Goreworlds in the Eye of Terror. The Emperor's Wolves were sent to destabilise the threat. After many solar weeks of searching, their 8th Company located a twisted hermit, known as the Red Prophet, as he preached to worshippers of Khorne from a pillar of gushing blood.

Soaring on their Jump Packs, the 8th Company carved their way to the Red Prophet and cut him down amidst the geyser, but all those touched by the blood instantly became devoted to Khorne. The Blood Disciples, as the 8th Company is now called, have led raids against the Imperial worlds of the Segmentum Obscurus ever since.

Warband's Organisation

Due to the fact that the 8th Company of the Emperor's Wolves had originally been designated as one of that Chapter's Assault Companies, the Blood Disciples possess an unusually large number of Chaos Raptors, the Chaos Space Marines' equivalent of Assault Marines.

Warband Beliefs

The Blood Disciples believe that they have sinned againt Khorne when they were still the 8th Company of the Emperor's Wolves. They believe that they have wronged Khorne by killing his Red Prophet, thus, they seek redemption in the eyes of Khorne by destroying and raiding Imperial worlds. 

Notable Blood Disciples

  • Khevrak
  • Dhassaran

Warband Fleet

  • Ira Sanguinem - The Ira Sanguinem is a Strike Cruiser of the Blood Disciples.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

The Blood Disciples wear black coloured Power Armour trimmed in brass. Their helmets and shoulder guards are sometimes also coloured brass.

Warband Badge

The Blood Disciples' badge is a daemonic skull marked with a drop of tainted blood centred on a field of brass.


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