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(1 OF 5) Early history of the Enlightened Sons.

(1 OF 5) The early history of the Enlightened Sons.

The discovery of an ancient chest filled with artifacts at the time of the great crusade by the warriors of Inwit would later unlock a much larger lethal uncovering. The responsibility of understanding the Ice tribes discovery would be placed on hold due to Heresy and the Siege of Terra. The ice tribe chieftains did eventually achieve a better understanding of the artifacts. The most valuable items were the scriptures that revealed the coordinates of a concealed planet with tails of unfathomable ancient technology and religious supreme beings.

The bond between the tribe warriors and the 7th Legion can be traced back to the origins of Primarch Rogal Dorn. This alliance led to an Imperial Fis…

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The Enlightened Sons are a Codex Astartes-compliant Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown Founding, though some Imperial scholars suspect it may have been the 4th Founding created in the 36th Millennium from the Imperial Fist chapter. Which suggests they are from the stoic lineage of the rebuilt chapter following the war of the beast M32.

The Enlightened Sons are a secretive chapter with much of their early Imperial record lost during the Age Of Apostasy including the location of their home world and fortress monastery.

The chapter is known to have associations with the Adeptus Mechanicus with technical aid dispatched within the chapter. Though they claim complete allegiance and service to the Emperor of Mankind, their actions at times se…

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Neithan02 Neithan02 18 July

The 40k book club topic collection

Here I will collect, for posterity's sake and for reasons of fuckin idiotic execution of the discuss section,

all links to topics that are part of the 40k book club

the initial proposition, made in july 2021


the august 2021 book suggestions


august 2021 selection thread


august 2021 knockout thread


August 2021 discussion thread ; Legion by Dan Abnett


the september 2021 suggestion thread


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Wenis Whacker Wenis Whacker 4 May

Blog post

I don't know what to write I just want the achievement lmao

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R43w25 R43w25 18 March

I'm new

I am generally new to the community but am well immersed in DKoK, Ultramarines, and some of Chaos. I would appreciate it if you could give me suggestions for theoretical battles between factions.

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CaesarTheGreat CaesarTheGreat 2 February


Quote:|Once, long ago, we damned the Galaxy.

We thought we knew all there was to know. We believed the whims of fate blew at our beckoning whispers. Pleasure and enlightenment were our twin birthrights, until our poisonous vanity ignited the stars.

Since that day we have lived in fear of She Who Thirsts, the Goddess who swallows our souls. Yet, there is a new melody in Galaxy's great song. A harmony unheard by my people for over ten thousand years: Hope. I am the first to hear the voice of the Whispering God. I will not be the last.

Once, long ago, we damned the Galaxy with the birth of a Goddess. Now, we shall save it with the birth of a god.|YVRAINE, OPENER OF THE SEVENTH PATH, TO THE REBORN.}}

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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 16 November 2020

Algrim 's Art Corner III


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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 14 November 2020

Algrim 's Art Corner II

If anyone would like to see some of these updated, or add a different kind of Astartes (Devastator, Assault, Terminator, ect.) Leave a comment below. Thanks!


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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 10 November 2020

Algrim's Art Corner I


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Marquis684 Marquis684 31 May 2020

Maximum Human Lifespan

I know that there are a variety of methods for an imperial citizen (at least a particularly influential one like an Inquisitor) to extend their lifespan. Despite juvenat tratments and augmetics ect. how long can someone canoncially live?

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RealSuchomimus RealSuchomimus 29 April 2020

Iron Shadows - Warriors of Jucha

I'm currently making a novel about the Iron Shadows.

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Montonius Montonius 13 April 2020

Grim Dark Lore, Our First Video Series, Has Begun!

To see the entire series go to:

Grim Dark Lore

It has begun! The initial episode of the Warhammer 40,000 Wiki's first ever series of lore videos on YouTube in conjunction with Raven Rock Entertainment has now gone live!

Our first series, Grim Dark Lore, will be a forty-episode chronicle of the entire history of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, from Humanity's first steps into the void, through the Horus Heresy, the long years of Imperial stagnation and finally the birth of the Great Rift and the glorious resurrection of Roboute Guilliman!

A new episode in the series will be uploaded every Monday and narrated by yours truly.

Please check out the first episode above. If you have any comments or questions, please place them below or in the newly-op…

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Montonius Montonius 1 April 2020

Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command Takes To The Skies On PC May 2020!

Fans of deep, turn-based airborne combat strategy will be cheered to hear that Green Man Gaming has expanded its published line-up with Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command, an entirely brand new entry into the Warhammer 40,000 universe which will release for PC this year on May 28.

Based upon the hugely popular Games Workshop property of the same name and emerging from veteran UK studio Binary Planets, Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command puts players in the shiny (or not so shiny) shoes of a high-ranking Flight Commander in the Imperial Navy or a Skwadron Kommanda of the Ork Air WAAAGH!

With a veritable fleet to command in turn-based tactical combat scenarios, players will wage war both in the skies and on ground-based targets as they …

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Drago0131 Drago0131 22 February 2020

Who is this Eldar being watched

Who is this Eldar Fraser being watched by a Vindicare assassin?

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RedFurioso RedFurioso 9 June 2019

Your favorite Titan Legion

Hey guys!

What's your favorite Titan Legion?

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Iplaywarhammer40k Iplaywarhammer40k 25 April 2019

my first titan

so i got a warhound titan for easter and still have to paint it so i could get it done in time for a battle if l dont then i dont get to go to the USA for a fight with someone.

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Sugmar Sugmar 7 April 2019

Sizzling vipers

Sizzling vipers

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DeathwingVeteran DeathwingVeteran 5 March 2019

Favorite Books?

What is everybody's favourite Warhammer 40k book?

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Aresius King Aresius King 7 January 2019

Dance Steps for GW's Space Hulk (1994)

It was 1994. Five years before, Games Workshop had launched their famous strategy tabletop game Space Hulk, and they'd already supplemented it with expansions like Deathwing, Genestealer, and Space Hulk Campaigns. It was a couple of years early to see it re-edited, and many more before the version we know nowadays appeared. Back then, it must have seemed like everything was said and done. Something vital, however, remained to see the light:

  • 1 Dance Steps for GW's Space Hulk, by Allen Varney
    • 1.1 Objectives
    • 1.2 Forces
    • 1.3 Deployment
    • 1.4 Special rules
    • 1.5 Victory
    • 1.6 Source

For this scenario use the Mission Five (Decoy) layout from page 13 of the original Space Hulk mission booklet. The target is the room at lower left. The Space Marine player tries to deploy th…

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Montonius Montonius 14 September 2018

Unit and Wargear Cards Now Available!

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Montonius Montonius 13 September 2018

Warhammer Wikis Discord Server Up and Ready!

Approximately two months ago the Warhammer 40k Wiki created its own Discord server, a link to which can be found on the main page and every page of the wiki. Now, I'm happy to announce that the server is now open to fans of Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer Age of Sigmar! 

No matter which flavour of Warhammer you claim as your own, come join us in Discord for chat with your fellows, to talk with the staff of all the major Warhammer Wikis on Fandom or to play games with fellow Warhammer fans! There are now over 500 Warhammer fanatics on the server and we hope you'll join us!

For ease of use, you can secure an invite at the link below or on any of the pages mentioned above!

Warhammer Wikis Discord Invite

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Zixes Zixes 18 August 2018

Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue

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Montonius Montonius 15 June 2018

Warhammer 40k Wiki Reaches its 5,000th Article!

Warhammer 40k Wiki has recently achieved a new milestone with the creation of its 5,000th article (Thank you, Codex: Imperial Knights)! This means that over 3700 high-quality articles have been added to this wiki and all 5,000 have been rewritten since I refounded it as Lead Administrator in May 2010. This is an extraordinary achievement that owes no small debt to the efforts of our primary editors and staff members Algrim Whitefang, Vforvendetta1, Silberstich, and Vo0DoO40k.

Their hard work, creativity and proven dedication to this wiki's effort to provide an experience of quality for our readers unparalleled elsewhere on Fandom deserves recognition, for without their aid this wiki could never have achieved this important milestone. Please…

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Silberstich Silberstich 3 June 2018

Back in the game!

My dear fellow adepts!

The malignant scrap-code that has plagued my cogitator has been vanquished! Fortunately the Omnissiah has seen fit to inspire me to buy a new cogitator shortly before the issue arose. Now that everything works according to the Deus Mechanicum’s will I will be able to resume my previous rythm of collaboration. For the glory of the Golden Throne and Mars!

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Sindri Myr Sindri Myr 20 April 2018

I am returned!

Hi guys, it's me again...

For those of you who don't know me, I was a contributor to this wiki some years ago. However, I ended up leaving it as I faced a number of things in my life at the time, I was in a bit of a bad situation and had a lot of unpleasant stuff going on at the time. I apologise for any confusion I may have caused at the time!

Anyway, I'm back now, ready to embrace 40k once again. So, what's changed in my four year sojourn from the hobby?

P.S. I also apologise for the abomination of a fanfic that I wrote a few years back. I was younger then, cut me some slack! XD

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Adapted Mechanically Adapted Mechanically 24 March 2018

New Random Questions

(was off this site for a bit, thew that time I tried to think of ways to not look like an idiot here, so I'll leave my random questions and thoughts here, and post actual related questions and actual info or advice on the main forums to not trigger anyone else, if I make myself look like an idiot again, don't hesitate to tell me exactly what I did wrong so I can improve)

So lately I'v been doing a lot of kit bashing and painting, also I'v had thoughts about making a second army. in any of your guys opinions, what  custom colour sceeas work best for which factions?

Also I had the idea to present a few of my custom unique unit models made by kit bashing and my normal models regularly painted to get any opinions from anyone here, would it be be…

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Neithan02 Neithan02 11 March 2018


lukas: ar least aorund since 410 m41 (event sof book 641, but banned from fang 6 times during 2 centuries prior to that been to cavern cities under the mountains

wolf lords and wolf priests have favourite tribe

"we play at neutrality but most warriors favor their own bloodline"

"Have you pups ever wondered why we let them live like this? Why we let them suffer hardship and cruelty?" "To Make them Strong" "Pride! We have convinced ourselves that suffering builds character. Suffering builds nothing but walls. We settle for beasts when we could have men. All for pride. And that is the biggest joke of all, pups. Best you remember that."

"I don't think that that is funny" "No, pride eats at everyone of us like a maggot in a wound. Russ was proud an…

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Adapted Mechanically Adapted Mechanically 9 March 2018

Trying the blog

I'm a little new to this website still, i don't even know how i missed the blog. i use to post random stuff that poped in my broken head in the descutions, but since the stuff i posted was too random for the descutions forums, i desides to stop and leave it only when i have something to actually give. i was even told there was a blog area to this website...again i dont know how i missed that.

anyway i do hope to continue interact with the users of this website wether it is positive or negative so i know how to properly do things on this website as well as learn stuff about the 40k universe as well as other facts and fun stuff. also i have seen a number of users create their own characters based on the 40k universe or just using already exis…

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Commander Shepard 317 Commander Shepard 317 26 February 2018

The Eisenhorn Inquisitorial Chronicle

The mission of The Eisenhorn Inquisitorial Chronicle is to provide the users of the Wiki with a searchable database of previous posts and threads. It is my hope that it will help users find resources, news, and other posts for research purposes. If you have any questions or comments, please respond to my talk page by leaving me a message. Do not comment on this blog.

Thanks ya'll, and enjoy!

-Commander Shepard

  • 1 The 1st Founding: The Eisenhorn Inquisitorial Chronicle (start date - end date)
    • 1.1 Overview
    • 1.2 News & Administrative Announcements 
    • 1.3 Posts & Threads

(insert overview)

- Spanish and Italian Codexes Lose Most Background Material : Montonius (2/19/2018) News 

Daily Article Update - Scarab Occult Terminators : Montonius (2/19/2018) Daily Art…

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Raffney Raffney 24 February 2018

Timetravel in 40k OR is the Emperor a Chaos God?

"You forget; our bodies are mere tombs for the true nature of our spirits. And once one has had a taste of freedom, there's no telling what forces they may unleash." -- Nelri Scholar

The mysterious beeing called "Emperor of Man" is the immortal leader of the entirety of mankind and their galaxy spanning imperium in warhammer 40k. He is one of the most central figures in all of warhammer and his doing impacted the universe in such an extensive way that it's kinda hard to talk about anything inside 40k without mentioning him.

The warhammer lore is constantly growing in size but some important topics are still pretty unclear. One of this said topics is the Emperor of Man himself.

Although his origins and intentions are still mostly in the dark (l…

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CommanderShadowsun CommanderShadowsun 18 February 2018

Commander Shadowsun's Log - 2/18/18

T model I added to the wiki's image repository. ]]oday started out in a lull, at least until the Lead Admin started editing again. I added a few new images, but it is yet to be seen if any are to be added into a gallery. Still  have yet to actually make a text-based expansion to an article.

I also started linking where I retrieved my images, since that was an issue.

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CommanderShadowsun CommanderShadowsun 17 February 2018

Commander Shadowsun's Log - 2/17/18

Well, we all have bumps in the road.

The Gue'la Montonius let me know I'd been screwing up a bit in terms of article creation and image disclaimers - at least I have a chance to take these newbie mistakes and learn from them.

And before you mock me for this, I'm a tactical genius, not a logical genius. The Earth Caste is for the latter.

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CommanderShadowsun CommanderShadowsun 16 February 2018

Commander Shadowsun's Log - 2/16/18

(2/16/18) Salutations, Gue'la, possibly Gue'vesa. I am Commander Shadowsun of the T'au Empire, as you may very well already know. This is my first day on this thing you Gue'la call a "wiki", but I'm sure I can figure this whole "contribution" thing out. All for the greater good though, right?

I also managed to stop a fanmade article from staying on here, as it violated this database's policy, by contacting an admin. Hopefully there are more victories for the Greater Good here that I have yet to see.

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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 6 December 2017

The Horus Heresy - Betrayal at Calth VR Game!

The Horus Heresy - Betrayal at Calth VR Game!

The Warhammer 40K universe is expanding into virtual reality with the turn-based tactical adventure The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth, which is entering the Early Access portal for unfinished games on the Steam distribution service soon. Developer Steel Wool Studios announced the game on Dec. 5, and it is promising to deliver a larger more dynamic version of the Betrayal at Calth table-top experience from Games Workshop, the Warhammer owner and publisher.

The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth works both on PC and with PC-based virtual reality headsets. The VR experience could prove the big draw here for Warhammer 40,000 fans who also happen to have an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The first-person VR persp…

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NoobLordNoob NoobLordNoob 31 October 2017


What name has the book that you get in the Dark Imperium box?

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NoobLordNoob NoobLordNoob 27 October 2017


Hi im new to this wiki.

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Commander Shepard 317 Commander Shepard 317 25 September 2017

Rip & Tear: The Rehabilitation of 5 Lions Sable Assault Marines

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 ++Target Located++
    • 2.1 The Eve of Battle
    • 2.2 Buying Miniatures Without Breaking the Bank
  • 3 ++Purging the Weak++

This is a blog that will chronicle the journey of five Lions Sable Assault Marines and their transformation from base-ness to greatness. The objective of this blog is to accomplish two things: 1) to help those that are in love with this hobby locate, buy, paint, and play Warhammer 40k without breaking their bank and 2) to provide some fluff around my custom Dark Angels Successor Chapter, the Lions Sable. Parts of this blog will be serious. Parts of this blog will be funny. And some parts of this blog might not make any sense at all. Just as planned. 

So without further ado, I present Rip & Tear. 

The first part of building a…

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Commander Shepard 317 Commander Shepard 317 12 September 2017

Building An Army for 8th Edition

  • 1 Building an Army List for 8th Edition 
  • 2 Some Quick Tips
  • 3 Command Points
  • 4 Army Lists
    • 4.1 Patrol 
    • 4.2 Battalion 
    • 4.3 Brigade
    • 4.4 Vanguard
    • 4.5 Spearhead Detachment
    • 4.6 Outrider Detachment
    • 4.7 Supreme Command
    • 4.8 Super Heavy
    • 4.9 Air Wing
    • 4.10 Fortification Network
    • 4.11 Super Heavy Auxiliary 
    • 4.12 Auxiliary Support 
  • 5 Conclusion 

Do you really love the lore of the Warhammer 40k universe but shy away from the tabletop game because you have no idea whats going on? Or where to start? Or how to do anything? I know I certainly did. My entry into this hobby came when I was in 7th grade 10 years ago. I was a big Tau guy back then, so I saved as much money as I could and went out and bought a Codex, two Fire Warrior teams, one Vespid Stingwing squad thingy, and a Kroot Shaper. Fla…

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Commander Shepard 317 Commander Shepard 317 10 September 2017

Lions Sable

  • 1 Lions Sable
  • 2 Chapter Information
  • 3 Overview
  • 4 "Death of Pride"
  • 5 '

The Lions Sable is a successor chapter of the Dark Angels that was believed destroyed during the Forgotten Wars (580.M31-632.M32) in pursuit of the Fallen Angel known as Cypher. This Wiki page does a great job of summarizing the lore that the Lions do have and how they actually died. However, I began wondering, what if the Lions Sable survived? This gave birth to an ongoing project that I hope will be my crowning achievement in the 40k hobby. Using the Wiki entries as a template, I will build the backstory of the Lions Sable and publish lore on their survival and current status, color schemes, and how that will all translate to the tabletop. I hope to document the process and uplo…

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For love and happiness! For love and happiness! 28 August 2017

Someone should create pages about these



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Montonius Montonius 7 August 2017

Tau and Aeldari and Tyranids, Oh My!

As the staff continues its upgrades to the wiki for 8th Edition, we'd like to know which alien faction you most want the staff to focus on next? Aeldari (Drukhari) Tyranids Tau Orks

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BloodRaven000 BloodRaven000 3 August 2017

Collection of the most epic battles recorded in the Imperium

I'll start off by saying I'm new to the Wiki/Blog editing side of things and I have 0 idea how to work it. I apologise if this is badly presented, feel free to contact me if you can help me out :)

(You'll have a much better time viewing this on the computer)

The first battle I'll showcase is a skirmish with the forces of the Space Marine chapters; Blood Raven and Ultramarine. Fighting by their side is a detachment of the 412th Imperial Guard. The inquistion themselves has also deemed this battle worthy of joining. After a hard fought victory on 4 warbands of  Chaos (Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Emperors Children and World Eaters), I will be showing you the amassed army of the factions that managed to purge the powers of Chaos from this world.…

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For love and happiness! For love and happiness! 11 July 2017

What is your favourite non-First Founding Adeptus Astartes Chapter?

Mine is a Chapter of the Templars of Blood.

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Vo0DoO40k Vo0DoO40k 26 April 2017

1 Year

Wow. I just saw, that I earned the "God-Emperor of Mankind" batch recently. A great goal achieved. I stand in the service of the Emperor for more than a year now and the last year I missed not a single day to do His work on this wiki.

Also I was promoted to Moderator of this wiki for my service. A great year indeed. Let's all pray for another one. For only in death will my duty end.

The Emperor protects!

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Montonius Montonius 13 April 2017

Check out our new Twitter feed for daily updates!

Please check out our brand new Twitter Feed to discover new lore, breaking Warhammer 40k news, and to let us know what you'd like to see next! We'll be starting with a daily post of brand new articles filling out our coverage of the Gathering Storm. Take a look, and if you like what you see, follow us!

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WolfenLTL WolfenLTL 4 April 2017

What and why I chose my armies?

Hi again!

So you may be answering... which are my favourite armies and why?


Well, if you have read my profile or the previous blog entry, my two favourite armies are Ultramarines and Space Wolves, two of the most ichonic chapters of the loyalist Space Marines.

Why I chose these ones?

- About the Ultramarines, the answer is very simple: when I knew the game, about 1995, they were the army that my friend (the one with the Marneus Calgar miniature I spoke about in the first entry) was playing in 2nd Edition. Then 3rd came, in 1998, and with it my fully love for the game. I started buying boxes and blisters of Space Marines... and until now. What I most loved about the Ultramarines was their "roman"-esque organisation for the army, the flu…

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Lune Crackham Lune Crackham 16 March 2017

Is the Emperor of Mankind really a hero?

Hello folks, this is my first time writing a blog post so I'll try my best.

So, a topic I wanted to discuss with you people that came into my mind I wanted to talk about it. Is Big E really a hero? We all know he is extremely powerful but what I am talking about is his actions and moral decisions. Can we really consider him as the savior of mankind? I mean, yes he united Terra, built an Empire so big that it humbles Palpatine and many more, but what about his other acts? I'm gonna skip the part how he treats his "sons" entirely, as daddy issues are not that important to be a point in here. But consider these facts carefully please:

1- Emps claimed in the Imperial Truth that no matter what, mankind must be atheist (NOT secular, mind you). A p…

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WolfenLTL WolfenLTL 10 March 2017

What I like the most about Warhammer 40,000

Hi all!

With this entry I want to start a series of Opinion/Debate entries on this, my own blog inside this big Wikia.

To get started, I will talk about what I like the most about wargaming and, more on the spot, about Warhammer 40,000.

Of course, as an 80´s-born kid, I grew up watching unnacountable TV hours: cartoons, shows like McGyver, A-Team, Star Trek, and I think we were lucky to live that amazing sci-fi movies like The Terminator, Star Wars, Back to the Future, and many others... My interest in Sci-Fi was only starting!

It was when I was 15 years old when one friend of mine came to our school with a miniature of a Space Marine (of course, a metal one). It was the old Marneus Calgar, not the enthroned one, just the next one, fist in the…

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Aresius King Aresius King 6 March 2017

Interwiki Links Campaign

Hello, fellow servants of the Warhammer 40k universe!

I just wanted to tell you that the Spanish Wiki admins reached an agreement with your own admins back in december, and therefore some of us will be working for some weeks here, in order to link your English articles to our own Spanish ones, and vice versa. Some of these 'interlinks' were added already five years ago (e.g., Adeptus Mechanicus). I hope this doesn't disrupt your work, and don't hesitate to give me a shout if you find any of my boys harms your articles in any way.

My boss, Lord Eledan, will also be working on improving your frontpage, based more or less on our own template: Wikihammer 40k.

As for me, as some of you may have noticed, I'm working on a thorough revision of the sour…

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Algrim Whitefang Algrim Whitefang 4 February 2017

Fall of Cadia - Gathering Storm III: Rise of The Primarch

Fall of Cadia: Gathering Storm III - Rise of the Primarch!

Article courtesy of Warhammer Community

A galaxy-wide announcement has been made today, which has the possibility of shaking the very foundations of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe in the most profound ways possible. The storm breaks! Despite the best efforts of the Inner Circle at Games Workshop, it looks like a copy of March's issue of White Dwarf has escaped from the impenetrable iron-clad citadel-prison at the centre of their fortress-monastery (GW blames Cypher).

The secret is out: what GW has had up their 10,000-year old sleeves for the final climatic installment of the Gathering Storm trilogy. In the new installment, Gathering Storm III: Rise of the Primarch, a notorious Fallen Angel…

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