Black Oculus is a short story published in the Horus Heresy Series. Black Oculus was originally published simultaneously as a part of the anthology novella Blades of the Traitor and as a stand-alone e-book. It is also now also included in the War Without End anthology novel. Black Oculus is the sequel to Book 23, Angel Exterminatus and is the beginning of the Battle of Tallarn story arc of the Horus Heresy.


After Fulgrim's ascension to daemonhood at Iydris, Perturabo and his Legion were trapped by the singularity at the heart of the so-called "Eye of Terror". Their only option? To thread the needle, and dive into the heart of the black hole. Perhaps by sheer blind luck, they were transported far across the Warp to the Tallarn System, but the Navigators in service to the Iron Warriors fleet were irreversibly corrupted by that harrowing experience, becoming the ominous Black Oculus Navigators. Now they serve a new purpose, and Perturabo's plans for revenge come closer to fruition...

Tallarn Series

The following is the chronological order of the Tallarn Series story arc set within the Horus Heresy:

The Tallarn Series begins shortly after book twenty-three, Angel Exterminatus.


  • Black Oculus (Short Story) by John French
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