The Thunderwolf, sigil of Bjorn Stormwolf

Bjorn Stormwolf is a Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves Space Marine Chapter, one of twelve legendary warriors who lead the Great Companies into battle. The military actions of Bjorn Stormwolf's Great Company are typified by noise, intimidation, and splendour. Bjorn is a hairy, red-faced mountain of muscle to whom calm and introspection are foreign concepts.

He has taken the Thunderwolf as his symbol, for he too is a creature of might and ferocity over stealth. Bjorn fills a silence with his booming voice just as completely as he fills his ornate suit of Terminator Armour. He has been known to interrupt Imperial dignitaries with a loud belch (or worse) if they begin to bore him.

Bjorn's spectacular assaults reflect his impatient and aggressive nature, and invariably includes lots of Long Fang squads, Bikes and Vindicators -- essentially anything that makes a great deal of noise. The Great Wolf Logan Grimnar employs Bjorn for frontal assaults rather than the stealth missions favoured by Erik Morkai, which the Stormwolf dismissively refers to as "whelp-work".


Bjorn Stormwolf and his Great Company bears the totem of the Thunderwolf. According to the ancient legends of Fenris, Leman Russ fought and tamed the great wolf packs of Asaheim. He cast down the two-headed wolf Morkai, and made him the guardian of the gates of death, a task which Morkai has endured ever since. There are many stories of how Russ fought Morkai's lieutenants, and banished each in turn to an appointed place.

According to legend, the Thunderwolf was one of the ancient wolves that Russ fought and vanquished. The Thunderwolf ran from Russ and continues to run to this day, forever circling the world of Fenris. The creature can be seen as a constellation in the night sky fleeing across the heavens. As he passes overhead his howling cry is said to create the thunder, and his flashing fangs are the lightning. The symbol of the Thunderwolf is highly favoured as an emblem of Wolf Lords.

It is quite rare for one of the Great Companies not to display this symbol, and many renowned leaders have borne this distinct emblem into battle. It is regarded as a very lucky symbol, and over the centuries many Great Companies bearing this badge have earned everlasting fame.



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