Biting Blade

A Striking Scorpions Exarch's Biting Blade

Biting Blades are large, two-handed, long-bladed Chainswords wielded by the Craftworld Aeldari Striking Scorpions Aspect Warriors reminiscent of the massive Eviscerators used by religious zealots within the Imperium. However, where Imperial Eviscerators are heavy, noisy machines, Biting Blades are slender and quiet, but no less deadly for their relatively light weight.

Wielded properly, the razorsharp teeth can tear through flesh and bone with horrific speed, and a skilled warrior can cleave a man in two without difficulty. These deadly weapons are wielded exclusively by Exarchs of the Striking Scorpions Aspect Shrine.

Notable Biting Blades

Chainsword Biting Tooth

The Dragon's Tooth Chainsword

  • Dragon's Tooth - Whether fanciful myth, or a legitimate truth, the Dragon's Tooth chainsword has been seen in the hands of Striking Scorpion heroes of legend. Though extremely rare, the presence of such a weapon is considered a good omen by the warriors of Karandras; the roar of the Dragon's Tooth is often the last thing the enemies of the Aeldari ever hear. The teeth of this weapon are heavier than usual, which makes the weapon heavier. However, because the teeth are so much sharper, it has a much easier time opening armour wide open.


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