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Tyranid Biovore

A Tyranid Biovore firing Spore Mines

The Tyranid biomorph called the Biovore nurtures a clutch of Spore Mines inside its own body and launches them by a powerful muscle spasm. Each Spore Mine is bio-engineered as a specific piece of ammo.Biovores are the Tyranid's answer to enemy artillery. They fire deadly spore mines that drift around the battle field until they explode. they have also have the ability to change in to a Pyrovore. A Pyrovore's maw drips with corrosive acids that are powerful enough to reduce armour, flesh and bone to a gooey, smouldering mucous. When confronted by a foe the Pyrovore launches forth an incandescent fireball from its dorsal bio-weapon that reduces its victim to a pile of burning ash. the spore that is fired out of the cannon have different types of acid, explosion and poison.

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