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A Ferrum Infernus Dreadnought of the World Eaters Traitor Legion's Skulltakers' warband that also has become a Berserker Dreadnought in service to Khorne.

A Berserker Dreadnought is a Chaos Dreadnought of any class that is deployed by Heretic Astartes forces dedicated to the service of the Blood God Khorne.

Like their infantry counterparts, the Khornate Berserkers, Berserker Dreadnoughts seek only to kill, maim and murder in melee combat and will often launch seemingly suicidal charges against the foe devoid of any real tactics or strategy.


Although knowledge of them has long been suppressed and purged from most histories save the sealed archives of the Grey Knights on Titan and the sacred canticles of the mighty Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, the "slaughtering engines of Khorne" have long ranked among the most terrible enemies on the battlefield for the Imperium.

The first "slaughterers" were encountered during the dark and terrible wars of the Horus Heresy. Thought to be a savage outgrowth of the more common Dreadnought walker technology employed widely by the Space Marine Legions.

These first slaughterers were "Berserker Dreadnoughts" optimised for close combat assaults and as line breakers, modified from standard patterns to be larger and swifter than their more common counterparts, and employed in near suicidal charges into the heart of an enemy line.

Their use by the World Eaters Legion is stated in some apocryphal sources in fact to pre-date the Heresy itself in some form, and such was the savage reputation of this Legion even before its fall that this is most likely true.

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  • Imperial Armour Volume 7: The Siege of Vraks - Part III, pg. 154
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