Beasts of Annihilation Renegade

Beasts of Annihilation Warband Colour Scheme

The Beasts of Annihilation are a warband of Chaos Space Marines that were once the Loyalist Space Marine Chapter known as the Annihilators. Corrupted beyond recognition, these once-proud warriors are sworn to the service of the Dark Gods, and allow the daemons of the Warp to possess their superhuman Astartes bodies. As a result, this warband fields an unusually large number of Possessed Chaos Space Marine squads.

Warband History

The Great Degeneration

The Beasts of Annihilation were once a Loyalist Chapter of Space Marines known as the Annhilators. After the unremitting violence of the xenocidal Quietus Campaign, the Annhilators Chapter finally succumbed to blood psychosis. Those of the Chapter still able to act rationally gathered at their fortress-monastery in the hope of finding absolution. Instead of redeeming their sins, however, their corrupted Chaplains lead them in an ancient ritual, leaving their souls wide open to daemonic influence. Every member of the Chapter was possessed over the course of a single moonlit night, shifting forms and devolving into armoured half-Daemon monstrosities. Calling themselves the Beasts of Annihilation, the Possessed Chaos Space Marines went to war again, though this time it was the Imperium that felt their wrath.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

The Beasts of Annihilation wear blood red coloured Power Armour with gold trim. Their armour now features the various symptoms of possession, often melding with their flesh while sporting chaotic growths.

Chapter Badge

The Beasts of Annihilation have no specific identifying symbol, instead incorporating the various blasphemous sigils and iconography of Chaos as their identifying marks.


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