A Leman Russ battle tank armed with a standard Battle Cannon


A Leman Russ battle tank's Battle Cannon, right side view

The Battle Cannon is the standard weapon used on the Leman Russ Battle Tank. It is a formidable weapon that can deal significant damage from a long distance against both vehicle and infantry targets. The Battle Cannon devastates an area and may be fired from behind cover though the weapon requires a line of sight. The sheer power of this weapon makes it an excellent addition to the Imperial Guard's arsenal.

The Battle Cannon is a fairly conventional 120 millimetre smoothbore cannon. The standard munition is an Armour-Piercing High Explosive (APHE) round capable of penetrating all but the heaviest armor with ease but also containing a substantial impact-fused explosive charge with a large blast radius. This makes the Battle Cannon an effective dual-use armament capable of taking out light and medium vehicles as well as groups of heavy infantry.


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