A Battle Barge of the Imperial Fists Chapter

A Battle Barge of the Ultramarines Chapter Fleet

The Battle Barge is the largest class of warship used by the Adeptus Astartes and most Space Marine Chapters control two or three of these potent vessels. Battle Barges are extremely powerful starships and were designed during the Great Crusade with only one purpose in mind--assaulting other planets. A Battle Barge is primarily configured for the close support of planetary assaults and surface landings and carries numerous bombardment turrets and torpedo tubes. A large amount of the starship's hull space is dedicated to launch bays for intra-system spacecraft like Thunderhawks and Drop Pods and up to three Space Marine companies are capable of deploying simultaneously. A Battle Barge is extremely heavily armoured and possesses heavily reinforced Void Shields so that it can breach planetary defences without harm coming to its precious inhabitants and their lethal cargoes. The Battle Barge is a literal mobile fortress in any situation in which an opponent seeks to board one with hostile intent. A Battle Barge is essentially one of the most potent starships deployed by the Imperium of Man, easily equivalent in power to that of an Imperial Navy Battlecruiser or even a Battleship when the additional power of its Space Marine contingent is added to the equation.

Notable Battle Barges


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