Ban Jevrian is a Master Sergeant of the Astra Militarum and a member of the Cadian Shock Troops' famed Kasrkin. He leads the Cadian 88th Mechanised Infantry's elite Strike Team Cruor.


Ban Jevrian is one of the elite Kasrkin of Kasr Vallock, who are traditionally seconded to the Cadian Shock Troops' 88th Mechanised Infantry Regiment.

Like all Kasrkin, Jevrian is an intimidating sight. He is a layer of slab-like muscle over thick bone, encased in Carapace Armour. His hulking form promises only pain and bristles with firepower.

An excellent shot with his Hellpistol, Jevrian is also a master swordsman. Wielding a large, crackling Power Sabre, he is considered to be the greatest duellist within the entire 88th Mechanised Infantry.

Jevrian is a veteran of the Imperium's endless war against Chaos, having fought during the 13th Black Crusade. In one particular battle, he and the rest of his regiment were pitted against a great Chaos Titan. He still hates to look back upon that day and the horrific loss of life that was required to claim victory.

In the end, even as the skies of his homeworld burned, the grim master sergeant's only response was to mutter the phrase, "Going to be a busy week."

Reclamation of Kathur

When the forces of Cadia were called to reclaim the Shrine World of Kathur, the 88th Mechanised Infantry was tasked with assisting the Janus 6th in their struggle against the warband known as the Remnants, which were the corrupted remainder of Kathur's Planetary Defence Force.

During the conflict, Jevrian was noted to have defeated a Chaos Dreadnought in combat. Having peppered the corrupt cyborg with hell-blasts, the Kasrkin then lunged onto its casket, scaling its bulk one-handed while impaling it with his Power Sword.

Reaching the Dreadnought's ornate face, Jevrian jammed the muzzle of his pistol into its vision-slit and pulled the trigger. This vaporised the Heretic Astartes pilot entombed within.

Upon seeing their champion fall, the forces of Chaos initiated a full retreat, only to be cut down in turn by a hail of Cadian las-fire. It was only then, after relinquishing his grip upon his fallen enemy, that Jevrian realised his arm had been broken.

Though he carried this injury for the rest of the conflict, Jevrian continued to fight alongside the 88th mechanised, wielding his malfunctioning and broken Power Sabre.


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