Chaos Lord Bale of the Alpha Legion

Bale was the Chaos Lord who brought the Ruinous Powers of Chaos, in the form of his Alpha Legion warband, to the Civilised World of Tartarus. He was pursuing the Chaos artefact known as the Maledictum for himself, and to better serve the goals of the Chaos Gods.

Bale was an unusual Alpha Legion commander in that he much preferred a brutal and frontally aggressive combat doctrine rather than the subtle manipulation that was more in line with the modus operandi of the Alpha Legion. This unusual aggressiveness probably indicated that Bale had served as a battle champion for the Alpha Legion during the Horus Heresy and had come much more under the influence of Khorne than his fellow Alpha Legion Astartes.

Bale believed that he was firmly in command of his warband on Tartarus; however, the Chaos Sorcerer Sindri Myr who accompanied Bale to Tartarus was a more traditionally manipulative Alpha Legion leader who actually made all the important decisions during the Alpha Legion's time on the planet. Eventually Sindri left Bale to fight Gabriel Angelos by himself, so that when Bale was killed in the duel, his "sacrifice" to the Blood God added to the deaths needed to obtain the Maledictum.



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