An Axe-Rake

An Axe-Rake is a heavily reinforced chainaxe with a grappling barb. The only known users of this weapon were a specialist unit within the Word Bearers Space Marine Legion, known as the Ashen Circle.

This vicious blade was used to drag down victims, and topple graven idols and false icons for the Word Bearers' pyres during the Emperor's Great Crusade.

On the battlefield, their task was deemed no less important by their Legion; seeking out those things which gave the foe the heart and courage to fight: charismatic leaders, priests, battle flags and champions.

These they singled out, dragged down with the hook-blades of their Axe-Rakes and destroyed with brutal fervour, often making plunging attacks far in advance of their own lines in order to do so, with no thought as to their own survival.


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