Avalos is a Dead World located within the Jericho Reach. Its biosphere was devoured by the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Dagon.


Near the end of the 41st Millennium, a Deathwatch Kill-team played a vital role in preventing a Tyranid invasion of Avalos, which had previously been secured by the forces of the Achilus Crusade's Orpheus Salient.

Genestealers had deeply infiltrated the planet and initiated a rebellion against the Imperial governor.

The Kill-team was sent in to investigate an Inquisitor who had failed to report to his superiors. Unfortunately, the Inquisitor was slain by a Broodlord prior to their arrival.

Shortly after that grisly discovery, a Hive Ship with a substantial escort arrived. The timely intervention of a small Imperial fleet, led by the Emperor's Wrath, provided the Kill-team with a means to lead a boarding action against the hive ship.

To the honour of the Primarchs and the God-Emperor, the Kill-team carried the day and managed to destroy the vessel's synapse chamber. This desperate act threw the Tyranid invasion into disarray.

While the invasion was halted, countless xenos did make landfall. The clean-up may take generations to complete, and still might draw another hive ship to the planet.

Further Deathwatch actions will be necessary to assist in the process of eradicating the xenos intrusion.


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