Autilon Skorr, Consul-Delegatus of the Alpha Legion

Known as the "King-Killer," and the "Hydra's Headsman," Autilon Skorr was a Consul-Delegatus of the Alpha Legion during the 30th and early 31st Millennia, and was listed on the roll of honour of the Great Crusade's Council of War no less than seven times before the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, for he was frequently dispatched by his Legion's high command to demand Compliance of newly discovered worlds in the name of the Imperium.

After the outbreak of the Heresy, he furthered the Warmaster's campaign of "Dark Compliance" by many bloody handed deeds. At Epsilon-Stranivar IX, the Shattered Legions would be all that stood between Skorr and greater victories.


Autilon Skorr served as the Consul-Delegatus to the Alpha Legion, and what reliable sources the Imperium has been able to gather indicate that Skorr was at the head of the Alpha Legion's 78th Chapter. He was frequently dispatched by his Primarch Alpharius to demand Compliance of newly discovered worlds in the name of the Imperium. Those worlds that refused invariably fell to disorder within weeks, a strike force of Alpha Legion squads led by Skorr himself delivering the coup-de-grace and bringing Compliance with only a single shot fired, invariably through the temple of the world's broken ruler. After the outbreak of the Horus Heresy he performed the same role, until the debacle at Epsilon Stranivar IX, where the disparate forces of a dozen shattered Loyalist battle groups threw back his forces in ignominious defeat.

In the wake of this defeat, Skorr's once spotless record was marred and he quickly fell from the graces of both the Warmaster and his Primarch, exiled to the distant battlefields of the northern rim of the galaxy and forgotten. There, desperate for a return to glory, he seized upon the Mezoa campaign as a chance for his return to the upper echelons of the Traitors' cause. Determined to sacrifice every last warrior under his command to feed his ambition, Autilon Skorr once more trod the path to war.

Using his authority, Skorr assembled a sizeable taskforce that consisted of nearly 9,000 Legionaries - amongst them the bitter veterans of the Iron Warriors' 114th Grand Battalion under command of Nârik Dreygur -- three fully-fledged Taghmata from the Forge World of M'Pandex and some 20,000 Imperialis Auxilia troops, Skorr commanded one of the greatest taskforces not to be directly under the orders of a Primarch. Skorr's ultimate fate is unknown.



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