"The Eye stares back."

—Book's tag-line

Aurelian is a novella written by Black Library Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden and is part of The Horus Heresy series. The novella was originally published as an A5 hardback novella and available in two editions: 3,000 Gold edition novellas that were differently bound, signed, and with interior art plates, and 3,000 Silver edition novellas that were simply bound and without a signature or interior artwork. The novella was later reprinted as a standard hardcover novella, an e-book, and an unabridged audiobook.


After the destruction of Monarchia and the Emperor's reprimand of the Word Bearers Legion, the Primarch Lorgar spent many long Terran years searching the stars for the universal truths of the cosmos –- when he finally came to gaze deep into the Eye of Terror, with grim inevitability he found that the Eye stared back. Now, guided by the daemon Ingethel, he undertakes a spiritual journey into the heart of Chaos itself and sees that the entire destiny of mankind and the Imperium could rest upon just a few nexus events. As the Great Crusade burns itself out in treachery and deceit, Lorgar weighs the cost of his ambitions, and sets his course for eternal damnation.


  • Aurelian (Novella) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
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