Aun'El Shi'Ores during the Blood Ravens' assault on Or'es Tasn'n

Aun'El Shi'Ores was a member of the Ethereal Caste of the T'au Empire. He served as the commander of the T'au forces sent to secure and hold the world of Kronus. He, along with Shas'O Kais, was the leader of the Fire Caste forces sent by the T'au to protect their colony on that world and bring the wayward planet back into the T'au Empire's fold. He was a faction leader in the PC game Dawn of War - Dark Crusade.

In the non-canonical ending where the T'au won the campaign the Imperium of Man came to call the Dark Crusade, Aun'El Shi'Ores, with the help of his Fire Caste commander Shas'O Kais, expels the 6 other races' forces from Kronus and brings the planet into the T'au Empire. He makes the world a full Sept of the T'au's Third Sphere Expansion in this ending.

But in the canon outcome, during the invasion of the city of Or'es Tash'n, the Ethereal was quickly targeted by the Imperial forces of the Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter who sought to deal a harsh blow to T'au morale.

Given that the Blood Ravens' ending is the canonical version of events on Kronus, Aun'el Shi'ores was killed in the assault on Or'es Tasn'n, despite being heavily guarded within the T'au citadel and surrounded by his elite bodyguards. His corpse was recovered by Shas'O Kais, who was emotionally shattered by the Ethereal's death, before it could be seized by the victorious Space Marines and taken back to T'au for burial as the crumbling T'au forces fled the planet.


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