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*''Rouge Trader - Battlefleet Koronus'' (RPG), pp. 10-15
*''Rouge Trader - Battlefleet Koronus'' (RPG), pp. 10-15
*''[ Astartes Landing Craft - Games Workshop]''
*''[ Astartes Landing Craft - Games Workshop]''
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[[Category:Attack Craft|!]]
[[Category:Attack Craft|!]]

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"Gryphon, this is Meteor Wing. Attack runs complete, target well struck."

— Squadron Leader Sinclaire, defence of Port Wander against WAAAGH! Gulgrog

Attack Craft is a catch-all term used for the small spacecraft and aircraft that are deployed from larger starships' launch bays in support of naval warfleets during combat operations. They are divided into five general categories depending on their size and role:

  • Fighters - Fighters, along with Interceptors, are the smallest Attack Craft, using their speed and firepower to intercept and destroy other enemy Attack Craft and ordnance.
  • Bombers - Bombers are lumbering spacecraft that lack the speed of fighters, but carry enough firepower to threaten capital ships.
  • Assault Boats - Assault Boats are small, spaceborne transports designed to pierce the hull of an enemy starship and deposit a single or multiple squads of soldiers for a quick hit-and-run attack.
  • Aeronautica - Aeronautica includes all small crafts that are designed to support planetary military operations, including atmospheric fighters, interceptors, and bombers along with troop transports and military cargo transports and drop ships.
  • Support Craft - Support Craft are small spacecraft designed to support diplomatic and mercantile operations either on a planet's surface or for transport between different starships.

The most notable Attack Craft of all the major starfaring species in the galaxy are listed below.

Imperial Attack CraftEdit

Imperial NavyEdit

Space MarinesEdit

Chaos Attack CraftEdit

Dark Eldar Attack CraftEdit

Eldar Attack CraftEdit

Necron Attack CraftEdit

Ork Attack CraftEdit

Tau Empire Attack CraftEdit


Tau AlliesEdit

Tyranid Attack CraftEdit

The Tyranids use a wide variety of organisms that are roughly equivalent to the other starfaring species' fighters and assault boats, but their vast diversity defies categorisation into distinct classes.

See AlsoEdit


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