Atlas Infernal, subtitled "An Inquisitor Czevak novel", is a book by Rob Sanders published in 2011 by the Black Library. Its main character is High Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak of the Ordo Xenos, who had been previously mentioned in Games Workshop literature only briefly. The novel details the events of 4 crucial decades in Czevak's life when he became the only human ever known to be invited to study at the Eldar's Black Library and the attempts by the Chaos Sorcerer Ahzek Ahriman of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion to claim that knowledge for himself. The action for the most part takes place in or around the Eye of Terror, and covers the years from approximately 990.M41 to approximately 030.M42. The novel's title refers to an ancient and valuable book, the Atlas Infernal, which comes into Czevak's possession, and which plays a central role in the story.

The novel has an unusual format: it is organized in a series of acts and scenes as in a theatrical play or as the libretto (book) of an opera, and includes related terminology that occurs outside of the text proper -- for instance, a scene may include a Canto or may end with a character exiting in a so-called Flourish. It has a non-linear narrative, with several jumps and flashbacks. Written in this format, the novel has similarities to an Eldar Harlequin troupe's performance. Eldar Harlequins are artist-warriors who "act out" in elaborate performances that include dance and theater, "stories" related to the Eldar race's past, present and future, often without clear distinction between time periods.


  • Atlas Infernal (Novel) by Rob Sanders
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