Guardsman Sevestin, Athonian 18th, "Children of Ganthos"

The Athonian Tunnel Rats is a Militarum Regimentum of the Astra Militarum that hails from the world of Athonos. This Imperial planet's governance is constantly in flux, vied for by a dozen rival noble families. The resultant gang warfare amongst their various supporters is brutal and unending, the violence spilling into the streets and sewers of the hydroponic gardens that cover much of Athonos. Such is the recruiting ground for the Athonian Tunnel Rats. By the time they are drafted for the Imperial Tithe, they are already masters of urban combat and amongst the most determined close-quarters fighters of the Imperial Guard.

Due to their expertise in subterranean warfare, the regiments of the Tunnel Rats are often called upon to quash heretical uprisings on densely-packed Hive and Mining Worlds. As such, they have come face to face with a great number of Genestealer Cults. The Athonians tend to eschew the use of mortars and artillery due to their limited effectiveness in the confined caverns in which they usually fight, instead relying on massed Meltaguns, Flamers and demolition charges, and utilising light armour support in the form of Sentinels and Chimeras.

Notable Athonian Tunnel Rats Regiments

  • 18th Athonian Regiment, "Children of Ganthos" - One of the more decorated Athonian infantry regiments.



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