Bruakh Athkor, Master of Possession and Daemontwister of the Screaming Void, leads his warband of merciless killers into battle to reap souls for the Dark Gods' pleasure.

Athkor's Destroyers is a Chaos Space Marine warband of the Black Legion led by the Master of Possession Bruakh Athkor, who is known as the "Daemontwister of the Screaming Void." The Destroyers emphasise numbers and strategic versatility.

Led by a Master of Possession and his Greater Possessed, the force has a solid core of Heretic Astartes. With a Venomcrawler and a pair of Obliterators to provide heavy firepower, this force can respond swiftly to any strategic challenge.

Notable Warband Members

  • Bruakh Athkor - Bruakh Athkor is a Master of Possession who also serves as the leader of his own warband within the Black Legion.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

As members of the Black Legion, Athkor's Destroyers wear that Traitor Legion's black and gold Power Armour.

Warband Badge

Athkor's Destroyers display the Eye of Horus like all members of the Black Legion.


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