"In the duty of watching and recording Ork forces beyond the Hemlock Cordon, the Asgardian Rangers must be the clear choice. No other army on the planet has their skill or knowledge of reconnaissance within enemy held territory."

Storm Trooper Captain Harkavian of the Armageddon Steel Legion
Asgardian Rangers

A Guardsman of the Asgardian Rangers

Asgardian Rangers are the elite cavalry-based regiments of the Imperial Guard that specialise in scouting, camouflage and infiltration. Hailing from the Feudal World of Asgard, the Asgardian Rangers are often viewed as primitive, almost feral, and the Ranger's feudal background does little to alter this perception. It has been observed that the Asgardian Rangers have many advantages in their use throughout a warzone above and beyond the Scouts of the Space Marines. When facing a tactical situation that is very fluid, the Asgardians take advantage by utilising the sheer speed of their biologically enhanced mounts, manipulatively bred for generations by their world's contingent of Tech-priests. The mounts' incredible endurance and tenacity, coupled with their engineered resistance to wound and toxin can carry the Rangers through the worst of enemy held territory as they follow armies, staying out of the reach of opposing scouts and outriders.

During the Third War for Armageddon in 998.M41, the Asgardians' ability to stay in the field and subsist in the most desolate of areas often proved invaluable. Scout Marines mounted on Assault Bikes were often constrained by the need for fuel, for resources could be sparse in the Ash Wastes of a Hive World like Armageddon, and they also suffered in situations where stealth, rather than skill at arms, was required. In addition, the territory north of the Hive City of Helsreach, and that surrounding the nearest Ork drop site, was directly comparable to the terrain of the Ranger's own homeworld, thus granting the Asgardians a familiarity of surroundings that so many of the Imperial forces on Armageddon lacked. The Asgardian Rangers were the clear choice to be utilised in such regions in the absence of Adeptus Astartes support. No other army on the planet had their skill or knowledge of reconnaissance within enemy-held territory.

Though small in number, the Rangers of Asgard provided a great deal of intelligence on the force distribution of the Orks. Despite their late appearance as a component of the Imperial forces on Armageddon, many tactical catastrophes were averted by the vigilance of these versatile troops. Under the guidance of General Odwin, these cavalry-based regiments were dispersed across the entirety of the continent of Armageddon Secundus. It was rare that these units were actually consigned to fight at the front line, but all reports suggested the Asgardian Rangers were fierce and able fighters, and their biologically enhanced steeds were as ferocious as their masters.

Notable Asgardian Rangers Regiments

  • 89th Asgardian Rangers Regiment - The 89th Asgardian Rangers fought in the Mannhaeim Gap during the Third War for Armageddon.


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