Veteran Legionary Arven Scurn of the 14th Shock Assault Detachment, 32nd Mercian Rift Gene-cull, IX Legion, during the Unification Wars in Mark II Crusade Power Armour

Arven Scurn was a Veteran Astartes of the IX Legion of Space Marines who served with the Legion from its earliest days when it was known as the Revenant Legion before it was reunited with its Primarch Sanguinius and renamed the Blood Angels. He was still serving with the Legion during the Horus Heresy. Scurn fought and died with the Blood Angels on Signus Prime during the Signus Campaign .


Taken into the early IX Legion from the blasted pits of the Mercian Rift in Old Alba on Terra, Legionary Scurn was transfigured, raised up from the foul slums of his birth to stand as a model of perfection among the armies of the Emperor as an Astartes.

During these years he originally served in the Legion's 14th Shock Assault Detachment, 32nd Mercian Rift Gene-cull. His outward appearance was that of angelic perfection, but within lurked a red-handed killer devoid of the noble aspect of the Revenant Legion's as-yet undiscovered sire.

These frenzied butchers with the faces of angels were the shock troops of the late Unification Wars and the early Great Crusade within the Sol System, unleashed to kill and burn in indiscriminate fury on the worst of battlefields.

The image of the Legionary Scurn presented above bears the Pentagram of Vesper, the battle honour of the bloody wars waged on Venus, on his left greave signifying his participation in the worst massacres of the Wars of Unity, as well as a variety of acid-etched markings of a more informal nature.

The bloody smears that adorned many Legionaries of the IX Legion in these early years were intentional marks from the various bloodletting rituals adopted by the so-called "Revenant Legion," rather than the residue of battle.

Legionary Scurn was among the few survivors of the original Legion at the time of the Signus muster, relegated along with many relics of those bloody years to lesser companies. He now held the rank of Centurion and bearer of the Word of Wrath within the 94th Company, and was among those martyred within the twisted eaves of the daemonic forest on Signus Prime, exacting a high price from the foe in exchange for his life. In death, he and his blood-soaked brothers of the early Legion would stand higher in the regard of the Great Angel Sanguinius than they ever had in life.


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